Doublelift Accuses Riot of Not Letting Bjergsen Participate in Mr Beast vs Ninja Match

In a recent Doublelift stream, the player outed Riot for not allowing Bjergsen to compete. The event of Mr Beast vs Ninja happened this weekend and sadly, he couldn't attend.

Doublelift has won the most LCS championships out of any player. With a whopping eight wins, he knows his stuff. The controversial claim was coupled with some other statements that put a dampener on esports fans who were watching.

However, with his comments public, let's look at what really went down and how fans feel about it.

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Why could he not compete in the League of Legends event?

Doublelift stated in his stream that Riot is the reason that the danish super player could not compete. According to their rules, Bjergsen could not compete in any tournament outside of LCS which he is currently playing. The company feel that this could distract him from the huge event that he has signed himself up for instead.

Fans' reactions to this have been damning on a Reddit post speaking about the comments. They explained that the small event should have been an exception. Not only because it is not technically a tournament, but also because it's for charity.

Bjergsen and Mr Beast

According to Doublelift, Bjergsen would have been on Mr Beast's team. However, as Mr Beast's team did a brilliant job by themselves, having Bjergsen may not have changed the outcome of the event.

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Doublelift also stated that having Bjergsen in the event would bring more attention to the event.

“The viewership is going downhill without stopping. No one can denied it. All know that. Anyone can feel it.”

This would help with the decreasing viewership for one of League of Legends biggest esports events.

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