Damwon is Back: G2 Esports smashed by the LCK at Worlds 2022

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Damwon Worlds 2022
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Damwon is back at Worlds 2022, and they are not coming for second place. In a group where competition is fierce, every win counts, but the statement Damwon KIA made today counts even more.

G2 Esports came into the game today expected by many to be able to take the win, but Damwon had other ideas. Damwon holds the record for fastest game in Worlds history, against G2 in 2020, but today they aimed for a different record, and came close, securing the second-highest gold lead at Worlds 2022.


LEC and European fans are in for some heartache if this trend continues. Here's the story of G2's ill-fated first outing at Worlds 2022.

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Nuguri Benched No Longer

The raccoon himself is off the bench and truly showed up for his first international game for Damwon in almost two years. So many fans were excited to see him back on the team, and now to see him starting for Damwon once again is a dream come true.

Nuguri Worlds 2022

Locking in the Camille against BrokenBlade's Ornn, he was in for a fun laning phase. Nuguri has the highest forward percentage (most agressive) of any top laner at Worlds, and lived up to the title.

Willing to dive in and scatter G2 in any fight, Nuguri put on a show. As Damwon's lead grew, he was able to lock down a side lane and shred through towers solo. If Nuguri can keep up his form he can contest the best at Worlds 2022.


Showmaker and Canyon Brought it Home

Canyon could not be more in his element at Worlds 2022. With Graves and carry junglers arriving in the meta, Canyon is not afraid to instalock them and lead the charge for his team.

Canyon and Nuguri Worlds 2022

Able to lock down vision early with the Umbral Glaive, Canyon was omnipresent, making everything happen in the early game. G2's jungle became his from as early as 10 minutes, as he slowly starved out Jankos.


Showmaker was the true face of the team this game though. An early fight around herald looked lost for Damwon, until Showmaker's Azir, Worlds 2022 Skin in hand, slid into the backline and scooped 4 members of G2 into the waiting arms of Canyon and Nuguri.

Damwon's topside dominance that found them such success in 2020 Worlds looks to be back in force. If they can keep up their momentum, expect to see them in the knockout stages very soon.