Player Spotlight: Who is Broxah?

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Broxah on Fnatic

If you're a fan of the LEC, you'll no doubt have seen Broxah on the analyst desk, and hosting Finals weekend alongside Sjokz. Longer time fans though will remember seeing Broxah behind a keyboard not so long ago.

From EU to NA and back to EU, let's take a look at how Broxah came to where he is today.


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Table of Contents

Broxah's Fnatic days

Broxah's career took off quickly in the early days. He took a year off school to pursue League of Legends back in 2016, and before half the year had passed he was contacted by Fnatic Academy.

He was promoted to Fnatic's main EU LCS team after only 2 months, where the team went from strength to strength. Joining at the height of Fnatic's glory days, they went on to place 3rd in both splits, but Broxah earned a spot on the EU All-Pro 1st team in Summer, as a rookie.


The Fnatic superteam of Soaz, Broxah, Caps, Rekkles and Jeziz made quarters at Worlds but they were just getting started.

With Dylan Falco (now G2's coach) at the helm, the team went on to win both EU LCS splits that year, make semi-finals at MSI, and Finals at Worlds. Broxah also made the 1st All pro team that summer.

Two more top 3 finishes in 2019 and a World Quarterfinals followed, but with Caps defecting to G2, the team could not capture the magic they had in 2018.

Across the Pond

Unfortunately for Broxah, his time in the LCS in North America was less successful. Joining the TL Superteam for 2020 with Impact, Jensen, Tactical, and CoreJJ, the two World Champions on the team did not make the impact they'd hoped.

Despite finishing 1st in the Summer regular season, they only took 3rd in Playoffs and failed to make it out of the Worlds group stage. His following year on CLG was also a huge disappointment for fans.

Broxah on the LEC desk

Broxah first made his appearance on the LEC desk in Spring 2022, joining other ex-pros such as Caedrel and now his former teammate Rekkles.


His map and macro knowledge from his time as a jungler are a welcome addition, and we will no doubt see more of him in the years to come. Catch him on the LEC Finals desk in Malmö this weekend, on the LEC Livestream.