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League of Legends Ashen Knight Pantheon: Price, Release Date and Fan Reception

Riot's skin lines very often swerve from the lore within the League of Legends universe. And the Ashen Knight skins are the perfect example of this.

Based in a parallel universe where magic is gone. The Ashen Knights are a group of corrupted Knights who went against their legendary king. This is why the skins take on more of a realistic design.

With this new skin coming out soon, let's look at the details needed to get the skin for either Pantheon or Pyke.

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How much does it cost?

Due to the cost of the already released Ashen Knight Pyke, this Pantheon skin is expected to cost around 100 mythic essence. It will be able to get in the loot tab of the store.

As with the release of Pyke, the bundle will include the same items like a skin, an icon, and a loading screen border.

When can I get the skin?

The skin will appear in-game in patch 12.12 which comes out with the mythic content update on June 23.

However, the skin will only be able to purchase for three months. Try and grab the skin before those months because it's never certain when it will appear in stores again.

How do fans feel?

Despite the brilliant cosmetics on the skin, fans have noticed an obvious issue with the design. The community are saying that the skin is a rebranding of Ruined Pantheon at a more expensive price.

Ruined Pantheon from LoL
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Ashen Knight Pantheon also dons his usual bare chest. Which doesn't align very well with Ashen Knight Pyke who is clad in heavy armour all over. But the bare chest look is a staple of Pantheon, so it is understandable why they didn't stray so far from his iconic look.

Despite fan reception not being the greatest, it is undeniable that the skin brings beauty to the terror that Ashen Knights force onto Runeterra.

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