Altec: The untested veteran

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(Image Credit: Riot Games)

It’s widely accepted that the bot lane is more than the sum of its parts. After all, the AD carry is one of the most team-reliant positions in competitive play, and there’s only so much a marksman can do without a capable support at its side.

And yet, somehow this notion is brushed off when you’re talking about Johnny “Altec” Ru.


Most NA LCS fans regard Altec as a known commodity, a good-but-not-great AD carry that can perform in teamfights, but suffers from a passive laning phase and a shallow champion pool. 

But even Doublelift looked shaky when he was playing with YellOwStaR. The moment TSM brought in a more aggressive support in Biofrost, however, the AD carry instantly regained his old dominance. And when you look back at Altec’s career, it’s clear he never had a strong lane partner or a lineup willing to play around him.

On top of that, many of his teams were marked by misfortune. And Altec often became a victim of circumstances that would prevent even the most dedicated pro players from performing at their best.