All-Star Event 2018 breakdown

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(Image Credit: Riot Games)

Although we’re all preoccupied with Worlds and the upcoming quarterfinals matches at the moment, the time will come in the next few weeks when the Worlds final is over and we have no more professional League of Legends action to entertain us.


Despair not, as Riot recently announced that the All-Star Event will be back this December! For three days, between 6 and 8 December, fan favourites will be in Las Vegas, taking to the Rift to try their hands at a host of different game modes, including the 1v1 challenge.

For anyone looking to attend the event or watch everything unfold online, here’s what we know so far.

How many pros are taking part?

According to LoL Esports, there should be 32 professionals invited to All-Star 2018.


28 of those players will be there due to a fan vote, with two pros selected to represent each of the 14 competitive regions.

Once the fan vote has concluded, Riot will invite four more pro players to join All-Star 2018 as “All-Star Invitees.”

In addition to professional players attending the event, there will also be a number of League Partners invited to attend the event from each region, so expect at least a few familiar streamers to be at the event as well. 

The fan vote for the 28 professionals attending All-Star 2018 will run for a week, starting from 17 October. So if you’ve not yet had your say, make sure to submit your vote before the deadline! 


You can also check in daily with LoL Esports’ social media channels to see how the vote is progressing across regions.

What game modes can we expect?

As ever, there will be a mixture of different game modes for viewers to enjoy. Along with the 1v1 tournament, there will also be a charity 2v2 tournament, show matches between rival regions and an East versus West All-Star Showdown, among other game modes.

The pro players will try their hands at the 1v1 tournament as well as the highly anticipated East versus West All-Star Showdown, while pros and partners will work together when it comes to the 2v2 tournament and regional show matches.


More information on the All-Star 2018 Event can be found on the LoL Esports’ website. Further details, including how attendees can purchase tickets for the Las Vegas event, will be released by Riot over the coming weeks.

Which pros would you most like to see attend All-Star 2018? Let us know in the comments below!