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AD carries are getting a makeover

All ADC related

Items and runes (The new)

  1. Stormrazor (Item) : The new AD & Attack Speed item hasn't had its values listed yet, but did have a description regarding its two unique passives. Essentially, this item allows a free critical strike as long you haven't attacked anything 'recently' and  gives you extra movement speed and attack speed every time you critical strike. This item looks like a nice fit for champions who are looking to hit hard and reposition quickly. Draven comes to mind. But until we see the actual number values, we'll have to wait and see.
  2. Hail of Blades (Rune): This new keystone gives your champion an attack speed steroid for the first three attacks you make against a champion in combat. You attack speed during this time can exceed the 2.5 cap. Obviously this is a good keystone on champions who are looking to delete an enemy in just a few hits, but could be seen on champions who are looking to get their on-hit effects off as much as possible, such as Kog-maw. Again, time will tell. 

Items and runes (The changed) 

Infinity Edge

Essence Reaver

Lord Dominik's Regards

 The Bloodthirster

Guardian Angel

Maw of Malmortius

Stat changes 

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