100 Thieves Edge out Evil Geniuses in Nail-Biting Best-of 5 Series

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LCS trophy

They say life mirrors art, and if the LEC was life today, the LCS was certainly art. After a tough run through the lower bracket, Evil Geniuses finally fall to 100 Thieves in the semi-finals of the playoffs.

Mirroring Fnatic's similar undefeated run and subsequent downfall, Evil Geniuses were agonisingly close to finals, but it was not to be. Let's take a look at the story of the series.


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The LCS Summer Playoffs so far

As it happens, both of these teams have had similar experiences in the Summer playoffs. Both have defeated Team Liquid 3-2, and both have lost to Cloud 9 1-3.

100 Thieves win

Unfortunately for Evil Geniuses though, they have a handicap. Understandably, but disappointingly for fans, EG's star AD Carry Danny stepped down earlier this week for mental health reasons.

This left their academy ADC Kaori forced to step up on very late notice, and while he is certainly talented in his own right, the Prince of Pentakills left big shoes to fill.

EG vs 100T

EG came out the game strong, with comfort-picks across the board in game 1. Kaori and Vulcan on the Lucian/Nami combo that has been so dominant across all major regions was a sight to behold, with Kaori finishing 9/2/7, making s statement that he was more than just a last-minute substitute.


100 Thieves were quick to answer though, with a bold pick up for Ssumday in the Fiora wreaking havoc, that EG simply could not answer.

Kaori was able to strike back in game 3 with another carry performance on Lucian, paired with Inspired's strong early game Poppy. The solo laners also performed remarkably, with flawless KDAs for both.

With the Lucian banned for games 4 and 5 though, 100 Thieves found their groove. FBI on his Zeri proved impossible to match, finishing games 4 and 5 a combined 11/0/18, and took the series for 100 Thieves. The Soraka support that was such a thorn in Fnatic's side earlier in the day was also instrumental in closing the match out for 100T.

What's next for EG and 100T?

100 Thieves will now advance to the LCS Grand Finals, where they will face Cloud 9 for their rematch. They will also be seeded straight into the group stage of the League of Legends World Championship with C9.


EG will still be heading to Worlds in September but will have to fight through the play-in stage. Catch all the games on the LOL Esports live stream, with play-ins kicking off on the 29th of September.