The Last of Us: Patch 1.11 eradicates loading screens on PS4 - SSD, HDD, Cut Scenes & more

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Fans of the Last of Us will be as excited as any to get stuck into the Naughty Dog title on the PS5.

However, if you're looking for lightning-fast loading times then you may not need to shell out the $399, as the latest update for the action-adventure game seems to have brought PS5 speed to the PS4!

Non-Existant Loading Screens

Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself!

YouTube account ElAnalistaDeBits uploaded a side-by-side comparison of what the load times look like after the latest update from Naughty Dog, you can see the video itself below!


As you will have seen in the above video, the loading times have been cut dramatically, whilst the time taken to load a save has dropped to just 14 seconds compared to well over two minutes prior to the update!


Streamers Take Notice

And if the word of us average Joe gamers isn't good enough for you, how about Twitch Streamer Anthony Calabrese?

Calabrese is known for streaming The Last of Us regularly over on Twitch, and he took to Twitter to express his surprise at the newfound speed in the game.

Screenshot 2020 10 25 at 17 59 11
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Fans of the game have taken to Twitter to ask why the loading times were so long before, but let's not dwell on the past, this is a significant upgrade to an already top-tier title!