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Table Manners: The Physics-based Dating Game - launching on Valentine's Day

Many of you reading this will have had a bad date at some point.

Whether it's spilling a drink over your fresh white tee or getting their name horribly wrong, we all have our moments.

But this game will change your perception of what a 'bad date' really is.

What is it?

The brand-new first-person dating game, Table Manners, brings tongue-in-cheek humour to various different settings.

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SWIPE RIGHT: Find your date on a mobile dating app


These settings range from ordinary to the preposterous, as the trailer shows you playing in a restaurant, dating aboard a cruise ship, and soaring across the sky at 40,000 feet in a private jet.

Every moment seems to be fraught with danger and humour, and the game is guaranteed to entertain as well as any real-life date you may have lined up for Valentine's Day.


The emphasis of the gameplay is certainly more on the wonky physics than on the actual dating aspect of the simulation.

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FIND YOUR SOULMATE: Once you actually meet your date, it is then completely up to you


It provides a world where the simplest tasks on a date - ordering food, salting food, pouring a glass of bubbly - are much more difficult than you'd expect.

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Think Operation, but with lower stakes than the iconic surgeon simulator.

The controls are rather reminiscent of other silly physics games.

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BREAK THE ICE: Using your keypad, you'll have to serve drinks and split food with your date


Using W and S to control lateral movement and the mouse to control the forward and backwards movement, the game is pretty challenging and requires a steady hand.

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Of course, the game is incredibly goofy, but sometimes it is a real laugh when you embrace your destructive side and send a glass flying.

Table Manners is exactly what it says on the tin, and comes out on 14 February 2020 on Steam.

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