Street Power Football: News, Trailers, Release Date, Consoles, Game Modes, Players, Venues & more

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Street Power Football is going to light up this summer.

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The best football freestylers will appear in this arcadey game that looks barrels of fun.

Latest News - New Panna Trailer!

We get to see another game mode from Street Power Football - Panna!


Nutmeg your way to victory with this sick mode.

Release Date

Street Power Football (Street Power Soccer in the US) will release on Tuesday, 25 August 2020.




The game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam!

Street Power Football Favela screenshot 2 min
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STREET STYLIN' - Street Power Football is the arcade street soccer game we've been waiting for!

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Price & Pre-order

Retail pre-orders for Street Power Football are available now and coming digitally on July 13.

street power football xbox one min
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COVER STARS - Sean Garnier & Liv Cooke grace the game's cover

The game costs £39.99 / $49.99 on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, with the PC price to be confirmed.

What is Street Power Football?

Street Power Football brings creative style together with high-energy
action for an over-the-top arcade video game experience.

Street Power Football Copacabana screenshot 2 min
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EPIC SCENERY - There are 13 locations to play on the game

It features six game modes, loads of customisable options to style your team, boom street beats, stages and ambassadors from around the world and more!


Real-life Freestyle footballers

Over 20 real-life football freestylers are on the game:

Belgium - 3x world champions Soufiane Bencok

Brazil – Muse of freestyle Raquel “Freestyle” Benetti who you’ll find kicking around in high heels

Colombia - World Champion Boyka Ortiz

Czech Republic - Multiple freestyle soccer champion Peter Karasek

Denmark - founder of Copenhagen Panna House Kristoffer Liichtproud

France – World’s best ever urban baller and first-ever world freestyle champions Sean Garnier, 5x world champion Melody Donchet, 2x french champion Yoanna Dallier, French champion and founder of S3 Andreas Freestyle & world skills panna champion Anas Boukami

Germany - World Champions and Tango MVP Ahmed Rakaba

Sean Garnier Street Power Football min
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KING OF THE STREET - Sean Garnier is one of the leading names on the game


Italy - 10x Guinness World Record holder and world champ Laura Biondo

Japan - Frestylers Yo Katsuyama & Kazane Flower Boy Shimazaki

Netherlands - King of Panna Easy Man (Jeand Doest)

Poland - 2x female world champion Aguska Mnich and 3x Freestyle Soccer world champion Michal Rycaj

Portugal - Portugal and France vice champion CrisFreestyle

Spain – 4x Spanish freestyle champion JaviFreestyle

United Kingdom – 4x world record holder and former world champion Liv Cooke & 5x world champion Andrew Henderson

USA – Singer, songwriter and freestyler Daniel Got Hits, his track “SPF Anthem” features on the trailer


13 “playgrounds” feature on Street Power Football:

  • Africa
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Brooklyn, New York
  • Cancun, Mexico
Brooklyn NYC Street Power Football min
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GOING UNDERGROUND - Brooklyn takes you to the New York subway

  • China
  • Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • "Favela", Brazil
Copenhagen Street Power Football min
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FEELING FESTIVE - Copenhagen has a Christmas feel to it

  • Japan (both day & night),
  • London, UK
  • Rome, Italy
  • Sarcelles, Paris
  • Seoul, South Korea
Seoul Street Power Football min
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FUTURISTIC - Seoul is one of the most stunning playgrounds

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Gameplay Features

  • Become Street King: Create your own character and become the protégé of street legend Sean Garnier as you blow away the competition and rule the streets
  • Gather Your Crew: Grab your friends and unleash your street style with up to 4-player local or online party play
  • Game Modes: Explore and master all six unique game modes: Dance-like Freestyle, 3v3 Street Power matches, Trick Shot, Panna Cage Battles, Elimination and Become Street King story mode

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  • Signature Tricks and Superpowers: Play with style and stun your opponents with sick tricks like Boyka’s backflip, Liv’s around the world or Melody’s special moves
  • Style Points: Customize your team with stylish street fashions, custom emotes, tattoos, and more
  • Build the Hype: Turn up the volume with hyped-up tracks from The Black-Eyed Peas, DJ Snake, Snap, and Daniel Got Hits as you take to streetstyle stages from around the world, including the official Red Bull Street Style World Championship stage.

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