Street Power Football: New Gameplay Trailer & more pros announced

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Street Power Football, the street football game to light up your summer is on the horizon!

SFL Interactive and Maximum Games have revealed a new gameplay trailer which features the new Freestyle game mode.

Street Power Football new trailer

Here we see the new Freestyle game mode, which is all about performing tricks in time with the music.


Similar to how classic games like Guitar Hero work, perform your tricks in time to receive higher points, but you can also select your favourite tricks to perform - and order them to get that point score up!

New Ambassadors Announced


We've already seen the likes of Sean Garnier and Liv Cooke in the trailers for Street Power Football, but a whole host of new names are arriving:

Three-time world champion freestyler Soufiane Bencok from Belgium.

From Poland, we have two-time female world champion Aguska Minich and three-time freestyle world cham Michai Rycaj.

Sean Garnier Street Power Football min
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ALL IN THE TIMING - The freestyle mode is modelled on the Red Bull world championships


In France, we have two-time French champion Yoanna Dallier and founder of S3 Andreas Freestyle.

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Over in Japan we have Yo Katsuyama and Kazne Flower Boy Shimazaki.

Joining from Portugal we have vice-champion of Portugal and France, CrisFreestyle.

Copenhagen Street Power Football min
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ACROSS THE GLOBE - Venues from all over the world are available


Czech Republic's Peter Karasek is a multiple world champion, and from Italy, there's 10-time Guinness World Record holder Laura Biondo.

Completing the lineup we have world champion Bokya Ortiz from Colombia.

Street Power Football is coming Summer 2020 to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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