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Skybolt Zack: The world’s first button dasher is an exciting change to gaming

2020 is set to be a huge year for gaming - with the launch of the Next-Generation of consoles happening later this year - but that’s not all that's new in the gaming world.

Green Man Gaming - who are well known within the PC gaming stratosphere - took their first step into the console gaming world late last year as they teamed up with French developers Devs Must Die to create Skybolt Zack.

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What is Skybolt Zack?

Skybolt Zack is an arcade-style gaming experience which first launched on the Nintendo Switch and Steam PC back in November.

It sent waves around the gaming industry though as it became the worlds first “button dasher” title.

What is a button dasher?

The development team who created Skybolt Zack have self-proclaimed themselves the worlds first “button dasher” but what does that mean?

Skybolt Zack level 1A
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FLY! Each level takes place in the air.

Well to put it simply, users have to use a range of dash & homing attackers in order to stay airborne as they navigate their way through a range of different levels.

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It’s all about rhythm. If you’ve not got rhythm you’re going to struggle. But, when you get it right, it’s pretty cool.



There are 48 levels that gamers have to work their way through and as the title would suggest - all of these take place with Zack in the air.

There are plenty of different places and aesthetics for you to delve into - with five different worlds feature in over 15 different types of environment.

Skybolt Zack Switch
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LEVEL UP: How far will you go with Zack

The enemies you will encounter along the way change too. There are over a dozen types of robotic enemies which feature as you progress through the levels.


Superplayer modes

For the extra competitive gamers, fear not, as there are two extra game modes designed specifically to test your ability.

First, there’s the Time Attack.

This mode is all about being the quickest at each level as you attempt to beat the time you set previously. There are tools available to help you improve that time.

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Alternatively, Score Attack. This is about racking up the most points, with the aim to achieve the highest possible score.

Skybolt Zack is available now on Nintendo Switch (£18.99) and PC (£8.99).

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