DCL - The Game: Drone racing, price, gameplay, flight modes, tracks, PS4, Xbox, PC, & everything you need to know

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Racing games are usually about wheels on the ground and trying to skid your way around corners, but sometimes you just have to take to the skies.

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Drone racing has become the most how-did-they-do-that racing around, with clips regularly going viral. Now you can feel the rush at home as the Drone Champions League game is here!

Platforms & price


DCL - The Game is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam).

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On PC it will cost £24.99/$29.99 and on PS4 & Xbox it will be £34.99/$39.99. That's a very competitive price when you consider just what you're getting...


The trailer shows off not only what the game can do, but it's close relationship to real-life drone racing and what the actual pilots get out of using it.

With a strong selection of tracks and trails, online functionality, and impressive graphics this game looks the part. Can it deliver with gameplay?


Flight modes

Most of us out there have never flown a drone before, and as such DCL - The Game offers a good level of accessibility.

With an Arcade Mode that is perfect for beginners, it provides you with a set of training wheels to get used to the concept. Then you can strip back the assists and really challenge yourself.

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GPS Mode flies like a standard camera drone with stabilization and altitude control, while Angle Mode simulates most amateur racing drones.

Then there is Acro Mode aka realism. No assists and complete control, what could go wrong?

Game modes

dcl gameplay 1
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POETRY IN MOTION: These drones will take your breath away


Free flight and Time Attack will be popular single-player options, but once you are feeling confident there is only one place to go... RaceFlow.

This online multiplayer holds up to 30 racers and will be the ultimate test of your piloting skills.

Tracks & DLC

dcl track castle
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STUNNING: The locations will blow you away


There will be 24 tracks on launch, including real drone racing tracks like the snow halfpipes of LAAX and the castle ruins of Reutte.

However, the stated aim by THQ Nordic is to continue to add tracks every week via online events. This would seem to be free content rather than paid DLC, which is excellent.

There are also plans for a track editor, but only on PC.