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Hellblade 2: Release Date, Plot, Latest Trailer, Xbox, PS4, PC & everything else there is to know about the Senua Saga

We recently saw the unveiling of Microsoft’s next-gen console, Xbox Series X, at the recent Game Awards Show.

We were slightly let down after hearing nothing about Nintendo’s upcoming Zelda sequel, nor anything on GTA 6 or the sixth instalment of the Elder Scrolls series.

However, we got word that the sequel to a dark, psychological adventure game inspired by Norse mythology is in the making – and we're not talking about God of War.

No, we’re talking about Hellblade II, where the story of the troubled protagonist Senua is continued.

For all the information we have on the upcoming sequel’s plot, release date, and what consoles it will feature on, continue reading below.

Release date

Senua’s Saga was surprisingly announced at the Game Awards 2019 with a heart-pumping reveal trailer. 

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HEROINE: The strong female protagonist Senua is back

The announcement told us that Hellblade 2 is coming to Microsoft’s next-gen console as well as PC, but fell short of a release date. 

However, knowing that Xbox Series X isn't releasing until late 2020 (sometime between October and December) tells us that Hellblade 2 won't be about until after that date. 

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It's one of the first confirmed Xbox Series X games (along with Halo: Infinite) but Microsoft didn't refer to it as a launch title, suggesting that it could launch a few months after the new Xbox.

By our calculations, this puts Hellblade 2's release date in the ‘early 2021’ time period.


For those who didn’t play the original game, it followed a Pict warrior named Senua on her quest to save the soul of her dead lover, Dillion.

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HARROWING: Senua returns to her village to find that everyone she knew was massacred by Norsemen

Dillion was sacrificed in a ‘blood eagle’ by an army of Norsemen, along with the rest of the village – nasty stuff.

Senua faces various obstacles on her journey; hearing numerous voices in her head, suffering from violent hallucinations, and being pursued by the Darkness to name a few.

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However, it is through these hallucinations that Senua’s backstory is revealed to the player.

It's now been three years since we've seen the hard-as-nails female protagonist, and we're more than ready to undergo another twisted quest alongside her. 


The sequel was revealed with a hard-hitting trailer that didn't give much away in terms of plot or gameplay. 

However, it confirmed that the sequel will take an even darker turn than its predecessor.

Apparently, it was made entirely in-engine on the Xbox Series X, which could explain the stunning graphics on display.

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If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out, but be warned – it’s pretty distressing.


Self-described as an "independent AAA game", the original Hellblade was designed by quite a small team, only for the PlayStation 4.

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BE WEARY: Norsemen are not the only thing out there that can hurt you

Its success at launch in 2017, and its unique playstyle and story progression made the original Hellblade easily one of the best games of the decade.

But, just because the original game launched on PlayStation doesn't mean that the sequel will feature on PS5.

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In fact, Hellblade 2 has already been confirmed as an Xbox Series X exclusive!

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