The Halo Infinite Battle Pass grind is about to improve

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Halo Infinite's multiplayer shadow-drop has been a fun experience so far with the developers still stating that the game is considered to be in a 'beta phase'. This is another way of saying that nothing you play in the current game is fixed and thankfully, changes are already being made to the Battle Pass and general XP grind.

Fans have noticed that despite putting in the hours and even when playing at a high level, their Battle Pass just isn't progressing as quickly as they feel it should. This was a problem that plagued Fortnite at the beginning of Season 8 also.

Halo Infinite multiplayer xp grind

Thankfully, changes are now being made and playing Halo Infinite online should become a lot more rewarding. Here's what we know about the changes.

Halo XP Update Coming This Week

Halo's community manager John Junyzek has announced a plethora of changes coming to Infinite's multiplayer this week. The main change is concerning Battle Pass progression and also adding in more accessible challenges to aid XP gain.


There will also be some general bug fixes and, once the update drops, all challenges will be reset to allow everyone to start earning XP from scratch with the new system in place.

After reviewing certain challenges from both the weekly and daily rotation, some will be removed after community feedback. Simpler challenges like "Play 1 Game" will be added. This means that players are not being forced into modes that they do not enjoy or particularly want to play.

Another major improvement is the doubling of double XP boost which will now last a minimum of one hour. All of the above changes are being implemented with the next update but are not set in stone.


The idea is for 343 to monitor the changes and determine which ones add to the experience and improve it while further refining those that require change.