Halo Infinite described as a soft reboot of the series

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Halo Infinite was due to launch alongside the Xbox Series X back in November 2020, but was delayed after fan backlash.

Since then, 343 Industries has been working hard on making the game that they feel fans deserve.

Here is the latest information about the game, it looks like it will have Halo CE vibes.


A Spiritual Reboot

In the past, 343 Industries has described Halo Infinite as a "spiritual reboot" of the series, saying during a recent Inside Infinite blog post that,

"'Spiritual Reboot' is a term we use to describe our approach to introducing new ideas while staying true to what it felt like to play the classic games.
'Feeling' is the key word here because we want to evolve, by creating new experiences and new opportunities, but still maintain the original essence.
The Grappleshot is a great example of adding something new that also super-charges things you are already familiar with like clamber or melee.
You are familiar with clambering up a double stack of crates but the obstacles in Infinite are larger and more organic.
The Grappleshot gives you the same fluid motion as clamber with a much greater range to get to more locations quickly."
Halo Infinite Blog Post Landscape
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THROWBACK: Fans of the original game should be happy with the visuals

Campaign art lead Justin Dinges also discussed the artistic style of the game,

"As a prime example, we have specifically chosen to begin Chief’s journey in Halo Infinite within the Pacific Northwest forest biome on a new Halo ring, a deliberate ode to the past.
Another good example is how we have taken the visual design of the Jackals and Grunts back closer to their appearance in Halo 3 and previous titles.
We want players to feel a nostalgic familiarity with these designs, like meeting up with an old friend, as they experience all that Halo Infinite has to offer."
With Halo Infinite, we wanted to take this new adventure back to its roots and create a visually pleasing experience that doesn’t overwhelm with unnecessary complexity where readability and clear artistic composition prevail.
This is our artistic interpretation of a beautiful world to exist within—rather than something that is purely grounded in photo realism."
Halo Infinite Blog Post Sniper
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NEXT-GEN: Halo Infinite will be the first Halo game on the next-gen console.

From the images seen in the blog post, Halo Infinite looks like a throwback to the original Halo: Combat Evolved, with a beautiful landscape full of rocky mountains and terrain.

Fans of the original game should feel right at home with this latest entry.