Halo Infinite: How to Complete Weekly Challenges (Season 1 Week 1)

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Halo Infinite's multiplayer is out now, three weeks early, and you can dive into the full experience. Alongside the brilliant Halo gameplay, there's also a battle pass and some challenges to complete. If you're trying to get some extra XP, here's how to complete the season 1 week 1 challenges in Halo Infinite.

How to Unlock Challenges

To unlock the ability to complete challenges, you need to buy the Halo Infinite battle pass. We've got all the details you need on how to do that right here.

Once you have, press RB when on the battle pass page to go to the challenges page, where you'll spot the weekly list.

Halo Infinite Season 1 Week 1 Challenges

Unlike in other games that have weekly challenges, we're looking at you Fortnite, the challenges here are nice and simple, so don't need much explanation. The Season 1 Week 1 challenges in Halo Infinite are:

  • Spread the Love - Kill enemies Spartans with the Battle Rifle (5/5) - 200 XP
  • Misriah's Menace - Killy enemy Spartans with the Assault Rifle (5/5) - 200 XP
  • For the Win - Win a Quick Play Match (1/1) - 200 XP
  • Big Wheel Bully - Destroy an enemy Chopper (1/1) - 200 XP

As you can see, you get 200 XP for completing each challenge, which is on top of the 100 XP you get for completing the daily challenge.

halo infinite, season 1 week 1 challenges
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When Do Weekly Challenges End?

These challenges will be live for exactly one week, until next Monday. What time of the day exactly that they expire, we're not sure, but looking at the daily challenges, it seems like the list resets at 2pm ET/7pm GMT on November 22.

Once we're looking at week 2's challenges in Halo Infinite, I'm sure we'll know the exact reset time. We'll be sure to let you know as soon as we do.