Halo Infinite Release Date: 343 Industries Targeting Spring 2021

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Halo Infinite was due to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X.

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Being the flagship series for the Xbox, having a new Halo game at launch would have given the console a much needed boost in early sales.

Halo Infinite Delayed


Earlier this year, during an Xbox showcase event, Halo Infinite's gameplay was revealed.

However, fans weren't too happy with what they saw and were disappointed with the graphics, considering this is a next gen game.

One screenshot began circulating around the internet of a Brute enemy.

Many fans were disappointed in the texture of the enemy, especially the face.

The Brute was eventually nicknamed Craig and he became the subject of many memes.

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This led to Microsoft delaying Halo Infinite indefinitely, taking away one of the key selling points of the Xbox Series X at launch.


When Will Halo Infinite Release?

In an interview, a motion capture actor who worked on Halo Infinite claimed that 343 Industries is targeting a Spring 2021 release.

While this isn't officially confirmation from 343 Industries, it does seem plausible as neither 343 Industries or Microsoft will want the game delayed any longer than it has to be.

But, until either confirm the release date then it is only speculation.

Halo Battle Royale

A leak has suggested that Halo Infinite may be getting a Battle Royale mode.

Battle Royales have become extremely popular over recent years, with the likes of Fortnite and Warzone bringing in millions of players every day.


Halo would be a perfect fit for the genre, especially if they add some classic maps.

The game has a great and balanced loot pool and has plenty of vehicles to rotate with.

Many players are unhappy with the possibility of Halo jumping on the Battle Royale hype train, but we're all for it.

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