Is Halo Infinite on PS5 or PS4?

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It's here and it's three weeks early. You can play Halo Infinite's multiplayer now, ahead of the campaign launching on December 8. If you don't have an Xbox though, you may be wondering if Halo Infinite is on PS4 or PS5. Here's your answer.

Is Halo Infinite on PS5 or PS4?

In short, no Halo Infinite is not on PlayStation consoles and almost certainly never will be.


Since the game is developed by a Microsoft owned studio and is one of their primary exclusives, there's no chance they share it with their biggest competitor.

Something rather significant would have to change in the gaming landscape for Halo Infinite to make its way over to PS4 or PS5 anytime in the future.

How to Play Halo Infinite Multiplayer

That being said, there are plenty of ways to play Halo Infinite, and you don't even need to own an Xbox console.

While you can play on Xbox, whether you're a Game Pass member or not (for the multiplayer at least), you can also play on PC.

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If you head to the Xbox Store or Steam on your PC, you'll find Halo Infinite there to download. Once again, you'll be able to download it free of charge, without signing up to Game Pass of any other service. For once, a big AAA multiplayer release is entirely free to play, without it including a battle royale mode.

You can then jump into the action and play alongside friends on PC and Xbox in the run up to the full game's release on December 8. Don't worry, though, your progress will carry over and you won't have to buy anything else once that time comes.

If Halo Infinite ever comes to PlayStation (believe us, it won't) we'll let you know. We don't think you'll need to come back to this page ever again, though.