Halo Infinite Battle Pass To Be A Game Changer

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Halo Infinite may have had some issues with development, but in this time, 343 Industries have come up with a plan to revolutionise the Battle Pass system.

The idea behind these changes are all 'player-first' and set to be implemented and create a friendlier progression and reward system.


Halo Infinite Battle Pass

If you've ever played a game like Call of Duty: Warzone or Fortnite, you're likely more than familiar with the Battle Pass concept.

You pay a fee to gain access to a premium Battle Pass, then you're against the clock to earn enough XP to earn all of the rewards and content it contains.


The progression system will typically use levels and as you near completion, the rewards get better. Fortnite, however, did recently change their Battle Pass to offer more choice in regards to the order in which Battle Pass content is unlocked.

This hasn't stopped the better and more desired content from being locked behind a bit of a grind.

Fortnite Season 7 battle pass
Fortnite allows for more choice in the content that is unlocked.

As we can see, not all Battle Passes are equal, but the systems follow two fairly standard rules; The Battle Pass lasts between 2-3 months and when it's gone, there's no way to access the rewards unless sold separately.


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Halo Infinite plans to take these two aspects of the Season Pass system and throw them out of the window. Season Passes will always be available, regardless of timing. If you miss Season 1 and it's Battle Pass, you can go back and purchase it then unlock the content contained within.

This level of accessibility ensures that players are no longer put under the stress of limited timeframes to complete a Battle Pass and Halo Infinite instead chooses a more inclusive method for content distribution.

This decision has exposed the predatory nature of Battle Passes as they currently exist. Why do Battle Passes need to be time-constricted and why is the content forever lost if players do not compete them.

While Battle Passes are never extortionate, the fact that you can spend around £10 and not receive everything you paid for seems unfair. It's sometimes beyond your control that you were unable to complete a Battle Pass, yet this isn't taken into account.

Halo Infinite aims to shake up and expose the unfriendly nature of other Battle Pass systems. We eagerly await the multiplayers release so we can learn more exactly how their system will work.