Is Halo Infinite's Multiplayer Releasing Soon?

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Halo Infinite has been set to launch in mid-December for some time yet some pretty convincing leaks have been suggesting a much earlier release date. Here's everything we know and why it could finally release today.

Latest - It could launch today

All of these rumours point to one thing - a release today. Set to coincide with the big Xbox stream, it seems likely we will see a surprise drop.

It seems only time will tell if this is right.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Leaks

It turned out to be a pretty disastrous day for Xbox yesterday with their main Twitter account being accidentally deleted. They then set up a giveaway for the England v Albania match which saw five consoles given away. Finally, a possible surprise early release date for Halo Infinite's multiplayer has been revealed/leaked.


The leaks were spotted by multiple sources online with the above code taken straight from the Xbox store. As you can see the release date is slated for 2021-11-15. Halo Infinite has never held a release date of 15 November so the only reason this would be here is because of the aforementioned surprise early release.

Stranger still, when searching for Halo Infinite in Google, @PaulTassi found that it had a release timer set to expire on Monday, 15 November. This was from Google direct and not sourced from an article within its search results.


Many fans will recognise this date as it's a special one for the franchise. On Monday, 15 November, Halo will turn 20 years old. A significant date that you expect Xbox and Halo would want to celebrate but have we spoiled the surprise?

All signs point to Halo Infinite's multiplayer releasing on Monday despite most of the evidence being covered up or 'corrected' to show dates that reflect the announced release of December 8th.