Halo Infinite: How to Check Objective

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With Halo Infinite embracing the modern open world trend, adding bases to capture and even the ability to fast travel, there's a lot to do and see. That does mean that where you need to go and what you need to do isn't always clear. If you're a bit lost, here's how to check objective in Halo Infinite's campaign.

How to Check Objective in Halo Infinite

Since your next objective isn't shown on screen at all times, nor is it shown on a mini-map or compass, you'll need a reminder occasionally, especially in the labyrinth of corridors you're often in.


Thankfully, you can see your current objective with just the press of a button.

All you need to do to check your objective in Halo Infinite is press down on the d-pad on your controller.

That will scan the area around you and show you your objective with a yellow/gold diamond icon. If the objective is nearby, what you need to interact with will glow the same colour, making it easy to see.

Sometimes, if the objective is tied to something else nearby, you'll probably see a gold line between them, making them easy to track.

How to Mark Waypoints

When you're out in the open world, you can also mark waypoints to see where you're going at all times.

halo infinite, check objective
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All you need to do is press the View button to open up the map, highlight where you want to go (probably the objective or nearest landmark) and press A to place the waypoint marker.

You'll then see that as a tall blue marker while exploring, or as a grey box where the waypoint is. You'll then also be able to see the distance to the waypoint, but you may need to check the map to work out the best route.