Halo Infinite: How to Defeat Hunters

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While some enemies are punching fodder - sorry, Grunts - there are some truly tough enemies to take on in Halo Infinite. Arguably the toughest, outside of bosses, are Hunters, which you're introduced to about halfway through the game. If you're struggling against them, here's a quick guide on how to defeat Hunters in Halo Infinite.

Hunters are the big blue (and later red) enemies that are heavily armoured and have a massive shield in one hand. They don't do a huge amount of damage, but they're not easy to take down.

How to Defeat Hunters in Halo Infinite

While sheer firepower will do the trick eventually, there's one tactic that we recommend employing to take Hunters down easily in Halo Infinite.

While they're not weak spots per se, you'll notice that the brown areas on Hunters are where they're not covered by armour. Shoot them here and you'll do more damage.

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For us, the best places to aim were the neck and leg areas, since they're easiest to hit. Going for the stomach area will get blocked by the shield more often than not.

It will still take a lot of time, but it'll stop you wasting shots by hitting the shield.

Also, we can't recommend enough using a weapon that has powerful individual shots, as you can get through all your ammo very quickly when fighting Hunters in Halo Infinite.


The sniper, or any other weapon that's ranged and has single, powerful shots will do the trick. 5 or 6 sniper shots to a vulnerable area and a Hunter will be down. Shame you're almost always faced with two at a time in the campaign...

Otherwise, vehicle weapons are good for taking on Hunters. As long as you're not using slow vehicles that can be targeted easily, raining fire down with a mounted weapon will dispatch Hunters easily.

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