Halo Infinite: Can You Turn Off Crossplay?

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Three weeks before we expected it, you can now jump into Halo Infinite's multiplayer for free. Anyone on Xbox or PC can play the game without spending any money. If you don't want to play against people on another platforms, you may want to know how to turn off crossplay. We've got all the information you need.

Can You Turn Off Crossplay in Halo Infinite?

In short, you can't turn Halo Infinite's crossplay features off entirely. No matter what, you will always be matched against players on PC if you're on Xbox, or vice versa. Since Halo Infinite is free on both platforms, the player base will be pretty huge.

That being said, you have some options to make like a little easier if you're a console player who is struggling.

If you're jumping into the Ranked mode in Halo Infinite, you will be able to set it so that you only play against controller players, if that's what you want. Just select 'controller' when setting up your Ranked options for the first time.

halo infinite, turn off crossplay
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Unfortunately, you cannot do this in any of the other multiplayer modes. If you're playing Quick Play or Big Team Battle, you'll have to play with or against with players on other platforms - you don't have any other option.


Since the Halo community has been complaining about the forced crossplay, we wouldn't be surprised if 343 add the ability to turn it off sometime in the near future.

The multiplayer is still technically in beta, at least until the campaign launches on December 8, so more features will inevitably come soon.

Other even bigger features are missing from Halo Infinite, including the co-op campaign, which is due to arrive next year. Fingers crossed the ability to turn off crossplay will arrive sometime next year too, if not even sooner. We'll keep you updated!