Halo Infinite: How to Take FOBs Easily

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With Halo Infinite changing up the formula quite a lot, introducing an open world, there are now bases to capture that help with exploration and obtaining upgrades. If you're struggling to take FOBs without spending a lot of time on them, we've got some tips on how to take FOBs easily in Halo Infinite.

FOBs will be introduced to you once you reach Zeta Halo's open world for the first time and you'll quickly be asked to take one that's nearby, which will be your first base in the game. However, you can also explore to take more.

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How to Take FOBs Easily in Halo Infinite


For any subsequent FOB after the first one, preparing is vital. We recommend heading to one you've already claimed and choosing the weapons you feel most comfortable with from the cases there.

You can pick from a variety of weapons so that you're not fumbling around in the FOB with Needlers and Pistols you've picked up from Grunts you've killed.

You can then start your assault on the base knowing that you'll be able to take on a good portion of the enemies there with weapons you know you can do decent damage with.

Focusing on the more powerful enemies first also allows you to take advantage of your chosen weapons, while clearing out the biggest dangers from the FOB. You can then clear out the easier enemies with any weapon you find once you inevitably run out of ammo.

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The other thing we'd recommend doing in preparation is working out where the ammo refill stations are so that you can jump in and out of the fight to stock up again.


Not only does that give you the chance to stick with your best weapons, but retreating to get more ammo gives you a chance to heal a little.

Using your Grappleshot to keep going in and out of the action is another tactic to employ too. Since the FOBs are out in the open world, rather than the more linear missions, you have the freedom to keep resetting by retreating to safety.

It'll allow you to stay on top of the battle in the FOB, without losing progress by dying.

In short, be sure not to rush into FOBs in Halo Infinite, but once you're there, stay on the move as much as you can.