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Halo Infinite Campaign: How to Switch Equipment

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Halo Infinite has been teased for an awful long time and, finally, the campaign is out worldwide. Alongside tonnes of secrets and then exploration of open world areas, many are wondering how equipment works. Here's what you should know about how to switch equipment.

How to Switch Equipment in Halo Infinite

It's quite easy to swap out your equipment but you may need to be told how to first. On console, you simply have to press right on the d-pad and then press the d-pad button corresponding to the equipment you want to use. You will eventually get used to the placement of everything and be able to use it all on the fly.

On PC, it is hotkeyed to the number button. Just click them and you will figure out which one you've grabbed.

Why You should Use Equipment

In the semi open world of Halo Infinite, you may need to use your equipment to stay alive.

You could technically beat the game without using your equipment but it would make the journey much more difficult. As the game starts to get harder, you must make sure that you use all the abilities in your arsenal.

How to beat Halo Infinite Campaign on Legendary mode

If you're looking to beat Halo Infinite on its hardest mode, there are a few things you should stay vigilant of. Enemies can take you down very easily. For this reason, always stay aware of where your nearest piece of cover is and actually use it.

Make sure to pay attention to your surroundings to make the most out of every interaction.

As well as this, fully explore the world. You may find secrets or new upgrades that will make the experience much easier. Most importantly, be patient. You may die a lot, make sure to get back up and fighting again.

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