Halo Infinite Campaign Download Size: How big Is the game?

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The Halo Infinite Multiplayer launched a handful of weeks ago and managed to rack up tonnes of players immediately. Now, weeks later, the campaign is finally set to arrive. If you're looking to get it downloaded yourself and have limited storage, this is how much you need for the Halo Infinite Campaign.

Halo Infinite Campaign Download Size

The Halo Infinite Campaign download size is currently estimated at 48.4 GB according to those who had the chance to play it early.

This being said, there's a chance it could get an update before day one to change up some of the game's systems or to fix some bugs. This is mostly an estimate as of right now.


Why is the Halo Infinite Campaign so big?

Halo Infinite splits its time between linear sections similar to early Halo and open-world style maps ripe for exploration and easter eggs. Although the main game can take 10 hours, with enough of a reason to search around, that could double.

Naturally enough, these huge areas require a lot of data, and there are tonnes of secrets to find and even more side missions to make your way through as well.

What's missing on launch?

Unfortunately, Halo Infinite is missing some options on launch. Firstly, you cannot replay missions. This makes difficulty-based achievements and secrets much harder to achieve.

The co-op campaign also won't be added until mid-2022 at the earliest, so if you're looking to play it with your friends, you're out of luck.

This being said, it shows the team are dedicated to improving the game as much as they can over the next year or two, a great thing to hear after the explosive launch of the Halo Infinite multiplayer.