Halo Infinite Battle Pass Price: How Much the Season 1 Premium Pass Costs

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You wouldn't have believed us a week ago if we'd said that Halo Infinite's multiplayer was releasing three weeks early, but it is has. If you're jumping in, here are all the details you need on the Halo Infinite battle pass price and how many credits you need.

How to Buy Halo Infinite Battle Pass

Once you're at the main Halo Infinite multiplayer menu, press Y to head to Season One's page, which is where you'll buy the battle pass.

halo infinite, battle pass price
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Select the battle pass, which is the left of the two tiles and you'll be able to see everything that's available from rank 1 to 100, so of which will be free to anyone.


As is often the case in games with battle passes, though, there's a premium version that lets you unlock everything.

To buy the Premium Battle Pass in Halo Infinite, press X to 'upgrade to premium'.

Premium Battle Pass Price

Below are the two Battle Pass option in Halo Infinite and how many credits they cost.

  • Premium Battle Pass - 1000 Credits
  • Premium Pass Bundle (Pass + 25 levels) - 2800 Credits

Since the game's only just released, you'll inevitably have to buy some credits, which come in various bundles.

If you're just buying the pass, you'll need 1000 credits, which costs £7.99 or $9.99. If you're buying the bundle, however, you'll need to buy multiple packs. If you buy 2000 and 1000, which is the fewest you can buy to get 2800, it'll cost you £23.98 or $29.98. You'll then have 200 credits left after buying the bundle.

Just confirm the purchase of what ever amount of credits you need or want and you'll be able to complete the purchase of the Halo Infinite battle pass and start the grind to unlocking everything.

This should be the same for every subsequent season, with season two due to begin next May.