Halo Infinite: These game modes MUST return to multiplayer

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Though the number may be gone, Halo Infinite is still considered to be the sixth step in Master Chief's epic story.

The series has seen some fantastic game modes in the past, and there are many more that we would like to see return.


The list includes Invasion, Firefight and Extraction. 

Hopefully, we can see some these game modes in the Halo Infinite Beta, as well as explore some new additions.

Some of Halo's best game modes have previously come as both accidents (Grifball) and the result of community creations (Castle Wars) - every game has had a standout mode that keeps the community interested. 

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While Halo 5 was heavy on the new modes (like Breakout and Warzone), some of the older beloved game modes were forgotten. 

So without further ado, here are three game modes that need to make a return to Halo: Infinite.

Invasion (Halo Reach) 

Invasion was a popular game mode in Halo: Reach, where players were pitted in a 6v6 scenario, with Spartans and Elites fighting it out to the death. 


There are some thematic differences of objectives depending on the map, but the attackers vs defenders layout remains the same. 

While other modes since have tried to replicate the thrill, nothing comes close to the enjoyment that Invasion brought to Reach.

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For the game mode to work, Elites would need to be brought back to multiplayer in Halo: Infinity. 

Invasion would be great on big maps with a lot of room for all sorts of vehicular mayhem, and I would love to see how the Slipspace Engine renders traditional enemy units such as the Elites.

Extraction (Halo 4) 

Halo 4's Extraction was a widely praised game mode that was introduced by 343 Industries. 


This 5-a-side game mode, where players had to plant a beacon and protect, finished when one team had made five successful plants. 

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It is comparable to Hardpoint in Call of Duty, but unique enough to leave a lasting impression on Halo fans.

We would love to see this return instead of Breakout in Halo: Infinite because it would add a lot of depth to pro play. 

Firefight (Halo 3/Halo Reach) 

Firefight is a very simple game mode, where you fight off waves of AI enemy combatants.


The simplicity of the game mode is what made it so good to the many that played it! 

Firefight 2.0 was iconic because of how well it encapsulated the sheer amount of customization and fun you could accomplish in Reach. 

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Firefight 2.0 in Reach had more depth and customisation, which is what made it so much more fun. 

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We would be beyond impressed if it were to reappear in the same way as it did in Halo: Reach.

It was one of the crowning achievements during Bungie's Halo days, and it would be a shame not to do it justice in a newer instalment.