Half-Life Alyx: In trouble due to Coronavirus! VR Headsets, Valve Index, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive & more

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We will very shortly see the release of Half-Life Alyx. The first main title Half-Life game to release in over 13 years.

Unfortunately, due to recent events, Half-Life Alyx’s release may be affected… in a major way!


Alyx takes the series to VR. Meaning fans have been rushing out the door to get their hands on the latest VR tech and hardware.

This has caused stores around the world to run out of the headsets, meaning Alyx may get fewer players than expected at release.

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This alongside the effects of the current Covid-19 Virus, is making up for an unfortunate release date for Alyx.

Valve Index VR

The Valve Index VR headset is widely considered one of the best headsets on the market.

With incredible visuals and controllers, you can expect the most immersive experience available.

half life alyx

A QUICK BREAK - After 16 years, Half-Life returns with a bang!

The Index also has a package that comes with the haptic
‘Knuckle’ controllers allowing users to interact with objects using all 5
fingers, rather than interactions buttons.

The headset was already out of stock before the Coronavirus
hit. Making it hard for fans to get their hands on the system.

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Unfortunately, the virus has only added salt to wound with
the Headset being manufactured in China, the heart of the virus.

Valve have said production has been delayed, but new systems will be available by the time Half-Life: Alyx rolls around

Alternative VR Headsets

There are other alternatives you can use instead of the


The HTC Vive is a popular option. You can pick one up for
around £500-£600 and does require a PC System to run.

oculus quest half life alyx

PRESS A TO BEGIN QUEST - At a reasonable price, the Quest is a great introduction to VR headsets.

From my experience, the only VR headset that has truly made me feel immersed is the Oculus Quest. This is due to its wireless built-in system.

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I cannot stress enough how amazing it feels to put on the Quest and immediately be dropped into a virtual environment with no need to navigate a maze of wires.

You can pick up the Quest for a starting price of £399. A
fairly reasonable price given the amount of hardware you’re buying.


Effects of COVID-19

The Gaming Industry has been hit hard by this initial wave
of Coronavirus. With E3 2020, the biggest gaming conference of the year, being

e3 2020 canceled coronavirus

E3 2020 - We'll have to wait for E3 2021 for the next conference.

We have also seen many Game developers and publishers, such
as Ubisoft, announcing their plan for the foreseeable future.

It seems developers will have a hard time keeping up with
producing, fixing and creating new and current games.

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Will you be playing Half-Life: Alyx? Which Headset are you interested in trying out?