Rockstar New Logo: NO there's no GTA 6 or Bully 2 so please let's calm down

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Rockstar Games has just changed its logo - which means a new game right? Wrong.

This does not mean GTA 6 is on the way... or Bully 2 for that matter (although we really, really want that to happen). In fact, we probably have more likelihood of Witcher 7 being revealed than a new GTA being announced this year.

For those unaware, last week, fans got a potentially cryptic message that seemed to suggest a new Bully game could be on the horizon.

New look for Rockstar

Rockstar updated their website logo and it came with the following slogan: "Killing dreams. Murdering hope. Fighting the righteous. Bullying the weak."

Rockstar new logo
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NEW LOGO, NEW GAME: Maybe, but maybe not

Fans on Reddit went into overdrive and while the phrase ‘Killing dreams murdering hope fighting the righteous bullying the weak’ sounds like a nod to a new Bully game, it's something Rockstar has been using since 2014.

There was a new part of the slogan, which reads: ‘Why don’t you tell me what went wrong?’ - however, we can't see anything in this.


There was also an image discovered on their site last week - which had a sort of 80s style sexy robot design - but that didn't reveal anything either.

So, we should all calm down... for now. There's no new game - and with the way Rockstar is supporting both Red Dead Online and GTA Online, we may be waiting some time yet.

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