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Popular GTA Online Cheat Website has been taken down after "discussions” with Take-Two

A popular GTA Online cheat website has been taken down after discussions with Take-Two Interactive.

The publishers of GTA have had "discussions" with LunaCheats.org, resulting in their site being taken offline, and have replaced their website with an apology.


Luna Cheats taken down

Luna Cheats was one of the popular GTA Online cheat sites, that let players buy hacks for the online game.

According to their new home page, they have decided to cease maintenance, development and distribution of all of their cheat service.

They have promised that they will be "donating our proceeds to a charity designated by Take-Two."

The message ends with an apology for anyone in the GTA community who has been affected by their cheats.

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The full apology is available below:

Luna Cheats apology, which states they will stop developing and supporting their software in future.
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Luna Cheats apologise for any problems they have caused the GTA Online community

Community Response

On the GTA Online Reddit, fans are pleased with Take-Two's actions, saying that it is "one small step for Rockstar, giant leap for gta online community" with a hope that other mod menus will be gone soon.

GTA Online fans happy with Take-Two Interactives actions
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GTA Online fans are happy the cheat site has been taken down

Another post says that they believe people were paying around $30 for the chance to use these cheats in online lobbies for the game.

Players who bought these cheats were able to disrupt public lobbies by spawning in huge amounts of vehicles, as well as trapping other players in cages, teleporting players, and throwing players around with explosions that do not kill them.

It's not a perfect solution, but it is a great step towards making sure GTA Online players can have a cheat-free experience.

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