Latest GTA 6 map leak forces us to ask if we should believe everything we see

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Rockstar Games is, as always, keeping mum about literally everything regarding the next Grand Theft Auto game. It's been kept so quiet, in fact, that we don't even have an official announcement confirming its existence. Of course, Grand Theft Auto VI is coming... It's just a matter of what and when. Earlier in the week, a new GTA 6 map leak was spotted on Reddit, and it has forced everyone to take a step back and think - when should you trust a leak?

Here's everything you need to know about the leak and why it might be worth taking a break from r/GamingLeaksAndRumours...

The Latest GTA 6 Map Leak


Following rumours that the next Grand Theft Auto game isn't going to release until at least 2024 and further reinforcement that Vice City is going to be the setting, we've got a new GTA 6 map leak to talk about.

It's worth noting that, although we saw this leak via Reddit... It's been around. It was originally posted on GTA Forums before being analyzed, deleted, re-uploaded, discussed, critiqued... Pretty much everything anyone can do with it apart from proving if it's true or not.

As you can see below, it showcases quite a large section of what is assumed to be GTA 6's Vice City map alongside a menu listing some activities that are available. We talked about what we would want a modern Vice City map to look like last week and this... Is actually surprisingly along the lines of what we wanted.

Looking at this GTA 6 map leak, we can see that there are quite a few activities on the way (if it's true). Things like Bowling, Golf, Movie Theatres, Strip Clubs, and Racing all seem to be making a comeback alongside Basketball, Parachuting, and Fishing Tournaments. Of course, we don't know if this is true but it's all the sorts of things you would want to see from the next Grand Theft Auto title.


Is This Leak One to Trust?

In an effort to get straight to the point, probably not. You could throw a stone in the ocean and it would hit one of a thousand GTA 6 leaks. There's too many out there now for a game that's supposedly several years away. It's almost too good to be true that so many people know so much information about it.

Looking specifically at this leak, there are two things that have left a lot of fans "writing it off" as nothing but falsehoods.

Firstly, the UI looks fairly outdated. We know that GTA 6's Map UI is probably going to look different from what we see in GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2, but the UI in the clip above is more reminiscent of a much earlier GTA title. It's blocky and basic, plain and largely uninspired. When you look at what Rockstar Games does nowadays and the general trend of video game UI's, you can't imagine that this is what GTA 6 will look like.

Secondly, it's got "Shaky Hand Syndrome". This has become a bit of a joke among those who regularly check out leaks online and it's all to do with how the leak is presented. Of course, there are sometimes going to be obstructions in leaked images if they're as secret as they claim to be. However, a lot of the time a leak is purposely presented in a shaky, low-quality clip in an effort to "trick" those online into thinking it's real.

New GTA 6 Map Leak
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A CLUB ON EVERY CORNER - A new Vice City map could double-down on the nightlife

The latest GTA 6 map leak, which we've discussed above, is a prime example of why we should be cautious about what we see online. Not only can they harm the gaming communities related to the titles they're about, but they can also harm developers.


If a leak is true, it can force developers into accelerating their pre-planned marketing and reveal pipeline and ruin any sort of mystery they are trying to build around their upcoming releases.

If a leak is false, it could leave fans annoyed at the developers for not reaching their expectations and it can also even damage the pre-release reception and sales if it's a leak that shows the title in a negative light.

We all want to see more from GTA 6 and its map, but maybe we should just look forward to what the next-gen GTA 5 release has to offer and Rockstar Games' plans for GTA Online... There's a lot still to come before GTA 6 comes out and fervently discussing leaks isn't going to make anything arrive quicker.