GTA Online: When is the Summer Update? Release date confirmed, content, missions, vehicles, fixes & more

A new update is on its way to Los Santos – but when will it arrive and what new content is coming?

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Rockstar has now confirmed that the summer update will be arriving on Tuesday, 11 August!

Keep reading to find out what new content is on the way to Los Santos.


GTA Online Summer Update Release Date

The official Rockstar twitter announced that the summer update will arrive on Tuesday, 11 August 2020.

gta online parachuting 3x payout 18 june patch
DROP ZONE: The summer update will be dropping on 11 August

If it operates similarly to the weekly update, we can expect the patch to drop at around 5am ET / 10am BST.

Keep reading to find out what content is on the way!

Summer Update Content

Rockstar has confirmed that a host of new activities will be hitting GTA Online next week.

gta online weekly update special vehicle races double payout
SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: There’s a ton of variety on offer in the new update

The new patch will feature everything from new co-op missions launched from your Super Yacht to new Open Wheel Races, new vehicles to acquire and much more.

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Galaxy Super Yacht

galaxy super yacht min
YOU’VE YACHT TO BE KIDDING: There will be a new series of Super Yacht missions

Galaxy Super Yacht owners will be able to engage in an all-new series of missions, either alone or with up to three teammates. It’s set to include ‘everything from deep-sea diving to high-speed hi-jinks on the high seas’ and we can’t wait!

New Business Battles & Adversary Modes

gta online summer update confirmed 1
DOWN TO BUSINESS: There will be new business battles in surprising locations!

There will also be brand new Business Battles in ‘some surprising locations for serious rewards’. The Diamond Casino & Resort will also be home to a number of Adversary Modes taking place on the premises.

New Vehicles

gta summer update new cars
BURNIN’ RUBBER: More than a dosen new vehicles are coming to GTA Online

Auto websites will see more than a dozen new vehicles become available to purchase, including rides for Benny to customise, off-roaders, tunable sports cars and a pair of new Open Wheel cars.

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‘Push them to the limits in a series of new Open Wheel Races – or design your own street circuit with the new Open Wheel Race Creator’.

General Improvements & Fixes

Finally, there will be a number of general improvements and fixes, as well as the continuation of the weekly special events and bonuses to take part in.

Biggest GTA Online Update EVER

Rockstar also mentioned that later this year we can expect the biggest GTA Online update ever!

This update will feature the ‘latest take on Heists in an entirely new location.’

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Naturally, this is creating various theories and predictions surrounding where the new location will be.

keep the pace triple payout gta online weekly update 16 april
TAKING A TRIP? Could we be jetting away from Los Santos?

Speculations range from revisiting old maps in the series, such as Vice City, or San Andreas, or even places within GTA 5 itself like North Yankton.

We can also assume that new heists are likely to feature in the update. Could these be tied in with the new location? With no more clues from Rockstar, we can only speculate for now.

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