GTA V Online Weekly Update: March 5 – New Stryder, double payout on gunrunning, bunker & everything else

The first content update of March has dropped and it’s double payout for the Bunker series!

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GTA online weekly update march

Rockstar has released their first update of the new month for GTA V Online.

March 2020 will be made up of four updates and we now know every new addition that has arrived today.

Keep reading to see the full patch notes list.


Stryder features as New Vehicle

The Nagasaki Stryder features as the star feature on GTA Online’s content update this week.

gta online weekly update stryder
TRIFECTA: Could this vehicle be your lucky charm

The all-new vehicle is somewhat like a quad bike, but with three wheels – think Reliant Robin, but cooler.

Check out everything else included in the update below.

5/3/2020 Weekly Bonuses

The following bonuses have been introduced as part of this week’s update.

New Content:

  • Stryder, $502,500/$670,00
  • Podium Car: Imorgon

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Bonus GTA$ and RP Activities:

  • Bunker Stock
  • Bunker Series
  • Missile Base Series
  • Double rewards on Gunrunning
gta online march update imorgon
GET SPINNIN’: This week’s grand prize is the Imorgon sports car

Discounted Content:

  • Scramjet, $2,262,000/$3,008,460
  • Ruiner 2000, $2,808,000
  • 35% off MOCs, customisation options and modifications
  • 35% off the Imponte Ruiner 2000, Karin Sultan RS and the Declasse Scramjet
  • Benny’s conversions
  • Vehicle performance upgrades
  • Avenger
gta weekly update bunker
DOUBLE TROUBLE: There’s bonus GTA$ and RP for Bunker series this week

Time Trial:

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RC Bandito Time Trial:

Free Content:

Play GTA Online to receive:

  • Overflod Tee
  • White Nagasaki Tee

Twitch Prime Bonuses:

  • Zhaba, 35% Discount
  • Free Pixel Pete’s Arcade (rebate for those who bought at retail price)
  • Additional 10% off other weekly discounts

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