12 Nov 2021 12:46 PM +00:00 UTC

GTA Definitive Edition: San Andreas - Voice Actors & Cast

With the release of the GTA Definitive Edition, it's got us thinking about how amazing the cast of San Andreas was. The original game - which was released in 2004 - was a mix of huge Hollywood names and voice actors new to the scene.

We'll take you through the cast of the main characters in the game and which name was chosen to bring them to life.

GTA: San Andreas Voice Cast

The reason that the GTA: San Andreas cast was so special was its inclusion of huge names like Samuel L. Jackson, Ice-T, James Woods and Game. There was a great mix of acting and musical talent making up the final cast list.

gta san andreas cast
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There were plenty of other names that were big within the voice acting community, but it was the Hollywood names like these that took the overall cast to the next level. There were even some big names that flew under the radar because of the character they played.

Here's the main cast as well as some of the bigger names to feature (and the characters they played).

  • Carl 'CJ' Johnson - Young Maylay
  • Sean 'Sweet' Johnson - Faizon Love
  • Kendl Johnson - Yolanda Whittaker
  • Melvin 'Big Smoke' Harris - Clifton Powell
  • Lance 'Ryder' Wilson - MC Eiht
  • OG Loc - Jas Anderson
  • Mark 'B Dup' Wayne - Game
  • Barry 'Big Bear' Thorne - Big Boy
  • Emmet - Eugene Jeter Jr.
  • Madd Dodd - Ice-T
  • Cesar Vialpando - Clifton Collins Jr.
  • Officer Tenpenny - Samuel L. Jackson
  • Officer Pulaski - Chris Penn
  • The Truth - Peter Fonda
  • Mike Toreno - James Woods
  • Zero - David Cross
  • Kent Paul - Danny Dyer
  • Maccer - Shaun Ryder
  • Salvatore Leone - Frank Vincent
  • Tommy 'The Nightmare' Smith - Axl Rose