GTA Online Weekly Update March 31 COUNTDOWN: Release Time, All Discounts, & Podium Vehicle

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The release of GTA V next-gen has brought so many new players into the updated GTA Online meaning there's no better time to start playing!

The GTA Online Weekly Update for March 31 is here to excite those new players, adding the usual bonuses and discounts. We have all the details you need to know about it.

LATEST - GTA Online Weekly Update Out Now

The details are out now for the GTA Online weekly update (31 March). Everything you need to know can be found below courtesy of @Tez2 on Twitter.

  • Podium Vehicle: Savestra
  • Prize Ride: Itali GTO (Top 3 in 5 LS Car Meet Races)
  • HSW Ride: Turismo Classic (PS5 & Xbox Series)

2x GTA$ & RP on

- Lamar Missions

- Select Survivals

- Bunker Sell Missions

- Special Cargo

2x Rep on Tuner Races (3x on Street Races for GTA+)


Log in unlock:

All White Square Shades

30% Off

  • High-End Apartments

40% Off

  • Jester RR ($1,182,000 - $886,500)

50% Off

  • Assault & Carbine Rifles (+Weapons Components)

30% Off

  • Dominator GTT ($854,000 - $640,500)
  • Growler ($1,138,900 - $854,175)
  • Impaler ($232,285 - $174,650)
  • Remus ($959,000 - $719,250)
  • Warrener HKR ($882,000 - $661,500)

GTA Online Weekly Update March 31 Release Time

The GTA Online Weekly Update for March 31 will go live at 4am ET/9am BST this Thursday. Content slowly leaks over time so don't expect to know everything at this exact time.

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Thanks to some help from some great accounts over on Twitter, we'll have the full list of details down below by 5:30 am ET/10:30am BST.

gta online weekly update, march 3
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LAST WEEK - The sort of thing to look out for

Below, we have everything you need to know about last week's GTA Online update - this should tell you the sort of content to expect from Rockstar Games on a normal week.

  • Podium Vehicle: Torero
  • Prize Ride: Sentinel XS (Top 5 in 2 Pursuit Races)
  • HSW Test Ride: Cyclone II (PS5 & Xbox Series)

2x GTA$ & RP on

  • Double Down Adv Mode
  • Martin Madrazo Contact Missions
  • HSW Races (PS5 & Xbox Series)

30% Off

  • Gauntlet Hellfire ($521,500)
  • RT3000 ($1,200,500 - $900,375)
  • Neon ($1,050,000) - Reaper ($1,116,500)

25% Off

  • Calico GTF ($1,496,250 - $1,122,187)
  • ZR350 ($1,211,250 - $908,437)

20% Off

  • Comet S2 ($1,502,400 - $1,126,800)

Odd changes likely to be reversed

  • Nightclub Safe is back to 250k on PC, PS4, X1 but still 210k on PS5, XS
  • Specialist+ Contract Max Payout is now 75k on PC, PS4, X1 but still 70k on PS5, XS
  • West Coast Classics & Radio Los Santos only play new songs on PC, PS4, X1