Online Weekly Update March 24: This week's update is live!

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GTA Online is still popular as ever and is now available on the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. With this massive influx of players, we should hopefully receive quite the update to welcome those players into the mix.

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Whether you're a well-established criminal mastermind or just getting started in GTA Online, we'll keep track of everything you need to know including when the update is expected to drop and what's included.

LATEST - Update is Live!

The GTA Online weekly update is live and once again, @Tez2 has brought us the goods. Here's everything included in the update so far;

  • Podium Vehicle: Torero
  • Prize Ride: Sentinel XS (Top 5 in 2 Pursuit Races)
  • HSW Test Ride: Cyclone II (PS5 & Xbox Series)

2x GTA$ & RP on

  • Double Down Adv Mode
  • Martin Madrazo Contact Missions
  • HSW Races (PS5 & Xbox Series)

30% Off

  • Gauntlet Hellfire ($521,500)
  • RT3000 ($1,200,500 - $900,375)
  • Neon ($1,050,000) - Reaper ($1,116,500)

25% Off

  • Calico GTF ($1,496,250 - $1,122,187)
  • ZR350 ($1,211,250 - $908,437)

20% Off

  • Comet S2 ($1,502,400 - $1,126,800)

Odd changes likely to be reversed

  • Nightclub Safe is back to 250k on PC, PS4, X1 but still 210k on PS5, XS
  • Specialist+ Contract Max Payout is now 75k on PC, PS4, X1 but still 70k on PS5, XS
  • West Coast Classics & Radio Los Santos only play new songs on PC, PS4, X1

GTA Online Update: March 24

The weekly GTA Online update should arrive on Thursday, 24 March. As for timings, we typically see the update begin around 08:00 GMT / 04:00 EST / 01:00 PST.

gta online the contract
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It's going to be an hour earlier for European players due to US regions already implementing Daylight Savings Time. If any information about the update leaks beforehand or during the update process, we'll be sure to keep you up to date!

LAST WEEK - No Update!

Unsurprisingly there was no GTA Online Update last week due to the release of GTA 5 on next-gen consoles. The GTA Online portion of the game is even completely free to PS Plus users for the next few months so don't be afraid to jump in at no additional cost!


There is an all-new introduction to GTA Online that really helps new players get to grips with what to do and where to go. This should make it much easier for players who are just starting out or are opting to begin a whole new character.

With the influx of players on servers, Rockstar probably felt it best to give them a week to adjust before throwing an update out into the wild. While no massive story content is due for some time it's still nice to see GTA Online receive weekly support from Rockstar.

Normal service should be resumed this week!