GTA Online's next Weekly Update is finally here & there's discounts to be had

GTA Online's Weekly Update latest is out now and there's a lot on offer - time trials, discounts, and new cars aplenty! There's a new Prize Ride Challenge for you to complete in the LS Car Meet and a new Podium vehicle too. Also, if you're a Twitch Prime member... You might be able to get your hands on a few bonuses. Here's the latest.

UPDATE - August 26th Weekly Update Details

  • New Content
    • Karin Sultan RS Classic (GTA$ 1,789,000 on Southern San Andreas Super Autos)
    • Annis Euros - Place top 2 in a Pursuit Series race for 4 days in a row to Claim Prize Ride
  • Podium Vehicle
    • Vapid GB200
  • Bonus GTA$ and RP Activities
    • 2x GTA$ and RP on Contact Missions - Lester Crest
    • 2x GTA$ and RP on 8 Stunt Races (Previously added)
    • 2x GTA$ and RP on Auto Shop Service
    • 3x GTA$ and RP on Bodyguards/Associates Payout
  • Discounted Content
    • 30% off Vapid Dominator GTT (GTA$ 854,000 / 640,500)
    • 40% off Dinka Verus (GTA$ 115,200)
    • 40% off Bravado Half-Track (GTA$ 1,352,610 / 1,017,000)
    • 40% off Pegassi Tezeract (GTA$ 1,695,000)
    • 30% off Dewbauchee Specter (GTA$ 419,300)
    • 50% off All Bunkers
    • 40% off All Bunker Upgrades
  • Twitch Prime Bonuses
    • 80% off Vapid Flash GT (GTA$ 335,000)
    • 35% off Obey Tailgater S (GTA$ 971,750 / 728,812.5)
  • Time Trial
    • Tongva Valley, Par Time 00:58:80
  • RC Bandito Time Trial
    • Vespucci Canals, Par Time 01:53:00

When does the Weekly Update drop?

GTA Online's Weekly Update always drops at the same time and it's usually pretty seamless. You might need to restart your game, but don't expect any Server Downtime from Rockstar Games!

As long as everything goes to plan, we should see everything updated at the following times...

  • 01:00 August 26th - PST
  • 04:00 August 26th - EST
  • 09:00 August 26th - BST

We'll make sure to keep you updated - as soon as everything is updated - with all the new content.

Last week's GTA Online update...

If you want to know what was added last week, to get a feel for what's coming in the next Weekly Update, we have everything you need to know below:

  • New Content
    • Pfister Growler (GTA$ 1,627,000 on Legendary Motorsports)
  • Prize Ride
    • Vapid Dominator GTT - Place top 5 in 10 LS Car Meet Series races to Claim Prize Ride
  • Podium Vehicle
    • Dinka Veto Modern
  • Bonus GTA$ and RP Activities
    • 2x GTA$ and RP on Store Holdups
    • 2x GTA$ and RP on Kart Krash: Full Auto
    • 2x GTA$ and RP on Exotic Export
  • Discounted Content
    • 30% off Pegassi Toreador (GTA$ 2,562,000)
    • 40% off HVY Nightshark (GTA$ 747,000)
    • 30% off Karin Futo GTX (GTA$ 1,113,000 / 834,750)
    • 30% off Dinka Veto Classic (GTA$ 626,500)
    • 40% off BF Weevil (GTA$ 522,000 / 391,200)
    • 30% off Sea Sparrow (GTA$ 1,270,500)
    • 30% off RUNE Kosatka (GTA$ 1,540,000)
  • Time Trial
    • Maze Bank Arena, Par Time 01:17:80
  • RC Bandito Time Trial
    • Construction Site II, Par Time 01:12:00
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