GTA Online: Updated Patch notes, Money, Cars and Drift Yosemite

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The latest GTA Online weekly update has been released today and official patch notes are due to be dropped by Rockstar Games later.

But there are some things such as bonuses and discounts that have been fairly consistent, and with Rockstar being so close to its passionate fan base, there are some players out there that can leak little parts of the future update to get us all excited.

Stick with us for details when the official release is made, but for now, check out below the expected updates as per some the news that's already been leaked.

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GTA Online Discounts

Thanks to mega-fan Tez2 on twitter, we already know the discounts that will be applied this week;

GTA online leaked discounts
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INSIGHT: Tez2 often releases early info on patch updates


Vehicle Sales 40% Off -GP1, ETR1, GB200, Hotring Sabre, Omnis

Vehicle Sales 35% Off - Deveste Eight, S80RR, RE-7B, Thrax, Itali GTO

There's also 40% off Vehicle Liveries, Brakes, Engines, Transmission, and Suspensions.

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It's also a good time to invest in property this week, with the following discounts on garages:

35% Off - Office Garages, Nightclub Garages, All Dynasty 8 Garages, Arena Garages, Mobile Operations Center Personal Vehicle Storage, Casino Penthouse Garage, Arcade Garage

GTA Online Bonuses


To buy the above, you'll need some cash. Luckily there are some bonus modes and races below, as well as some free cash.

This week's bonuses are:

2x GTA$ & RP: Hotring Circuit, RC Bandito Races, Issi Classic Races, Stunt Races, RC Time Trial, Business Battles

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Time Trial: Del Perro PierRC Time Trial: Davis QuartzPremium Race: Taking Off

GTA Online Free Money

All you have to do to get GTA$1,000,000 is to log in this week. Do it before 12th Feb and you'll get a huge boost to your in-game Maze bank account within 72 hours.

rockstar thank you to fans 1
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CELEBRATING: Rockstar is thanking fans for a record holiday season

GTA Online New Car

Tez2 also revealed there is a new Drift Yosemite from Legendary Motorsport. The Drift Yosemite is a 2-door muscle car and will cost you $1,308,000 ($981,000 Trade price).

GTA online drift yosemite car
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TIME TO DRIFT: Fans are ready to get wheels spinning

There's also a new podium vehicle in the GTA Online Casino. This week players who spin the casino wheel have the chance of owning the Grotti Furia, a supercar worth $1,308,00 ($981,000 Trade price).

GTA online grotti furia
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DO YOU FEEL LUCKY: Go to the casino and give it a spin

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