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GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises COUNTDOWN: Release Time, Download Size & Patch Notes

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GTA Online updates of this magnitude don't come along too often, so The Criminal Enterprises is well worth celebrating given it shows that Rockstar are more than happy to keep supporting some of their valuable properties (sorry, cowboys).

With this new update will come meaningful quality of life updates and brand new content that looks set to make GTA Online a much better place for solo and small group players. Here's everything we know about The Criminal Enterprises as its release nears.

*LATEST* - GTA Online - The Criminal Enterprises Now Available

The brand new update to GTA Online is now available as The Criminal Enterprises introduces new avenues of criminality to keep your workflow high and your cash flow even higher.

The update also added a brand new set of vehicles available to purchase, with six available right now for a grand total of $13,310,000 and a total of 18 expected across the course of the update according to Tezfunz2 on Twitter.

GTA Online - The Criminal Enterprises Release Time

We expect The Criminal Enterprises update to drop at around 10 am GMT / 5 am EST / 2 am PST on Tuesday, 26 July. This would fit the typical timing of the GTA Online Weekly Updates that usually take place on a Thursday.

Servers may go down for a short time but it's more likely that the update will simply be available to download and playable as soon as you have it installed.

The Criminal Enterprises Download Size

While there is no confirmation, we can use previous major updates to take a decent guess at the size of the upcoming GTA Online update.

When we look at The Contract and Los Santos Tuners, both were less than 5GB. Console patches came it at around 4GB with PC taking up a little more space but still sitting below that aforementioned threshold.

GTA Online Patch Notes

In many cases, patch notes are released before an update is live, but this isn't the case with GTA Online.

We should receive an extensive set of patch notes to detail all of the important changes, big or small.

gta online m16 weapon confirmed
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Expect to see this at least a few hours after the launch of The Criminal Enterprises once Rockstar have confirmed that there are no major issues with the new update.

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