GTA Online The Contract Update: Release Time, Download Size, & Details

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Franklin Clinton stars alongside Dr Dre in The Contract - a new expansion that's just arrived in GTA Online. Expect new music, new vehicles, new weapons, and a whole lot more from this update. Here's the latest...

UPDATE - The Contract is available right now!

GTA Online's latest update should be available on all platforms - clocking in at just under 5GB. The Contract adds a new purchasable location - the Agency - and a series of new narrative based missions that feature Franklin Clinton, Chop, Lamar, and a cast of new faces.

There's also going to be seven new cars available from Legendary Motorsport and San Andreas Super Autos alongside three new weapons - one of them you can buy from Ammunation as soon as the update drops!

GTA Online The Contract
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FRANKLIN IS BACK - With a new job and a new beard, he's ready to rock

It's a good time to be a GTA Online fan and we just hope there's more of the same.

When does The Contract release in GTA Online?

The Contract is due to come to GTA Online on December 15th. At the moment, we don't have a specific time for it to drop, but it should be one of two times. It'll either be at the time the usual Weekly Updates drop, which is:

  • 01:00 PST
  • 04:00 EST
  • 09:00 GMT

This is a larger expansion though, so we're going to hazard a guess that it could arrive a little later. Los Santos Tuners launched in the summer and arrived later in the day. Therefore it could drop at:

  • 05:00 PT
  • 08:00 ET
  • 13:00 GMT

Rockstar Games should keep us updated - for now, though, check out the new trailer below:

" Franklin needs two things to get the agency off the ground: a reliable partner and a big-ticket, high-profile client. With your longtime LS contact — and newly aspiring cannabis entrepreneur — Lamar Davis making the connection, you can be the partner that helps Franklin take the business to the next level."
GTA Online The Contract
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THE CREW - We hope you're a fan of Chop the dog!

A new weapon has been confirmed early?

It looks like Shawn Fonteno - the actor behind Franklin Clinton - has been bust on Instagram. His latest post has been deleted, but it shows new key artwork relating to The Contract expansion and there's a new weapon being showcased.

It looks like the Heavy Rifle is coming to GTA Online - which should spice things up a little bit! Check it out below:


As you can see, we also have a great look at some of the new cars coming to GTA Online and another look at all the faces you'll be seeing in Los Santos going forwards.


What's coming to GTA Online in The Contract?

At the moment, we only know about the following...

" ... including details of an eclectic new radio station from some very special guest hosts, huge first-of-their-kind updates to existing radio stations including a ton of new and unreleased exclusive tracks from Dr. Dre and a heavy-hitting line-up of artists, plus additional opportunities for agency work including choice hits for players willing to get their hands dirty, plus new weapons, vehicles, and much more."
GTA Online Dr Dre The Contract
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DRE - When is Snoop going to show up?

Rockstar Games is set to reveal more in the coming days, but they've teased the following specifics so far:

  • New Weapons
    • Compact EMP Launcher
    • Stun Gun
  • New Interior Locations
    • The Agency
    • The Armory
  • New Vehicles
    • Enus Jubilee
    • Dewbauchee Champion
GTA Online The Contract
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DEWBAUCHEE CHAMPION - Slick new wheels for Dre

Franklin is bringing Dr Dre, all you need to do is bring yourself.

" Get ready for a wild and hilarious ride through Los Santos, from the mean streets of Franklin’s old neighbourhood to the hottest parties in the city, from debaucherous mansions to the offices of the FIB and everywhere in between as you join Franklin, expert hacker Imani, Chop the Dog, and crew to secure Dr Dre’s precious tracks and return them to their rightful owner."