GTA Online Summer Update: Tips & Tricks for new Business Battles

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The GTA summer update has been out for just over a month and despite mixed reviews, there are more people enjoying GTA Online that ever.

Despite being over six years old, the game heads towards 2021 with a huge number of fans and new content being released all the time.

The summer update included new missions to keep things fresh. We are here to give you some pointers!


Business Battles

Business Battles consist of players competing to steal different types of cargo to use for their Nightclub Warehouse.

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This event is available every 15 minutes and will trigger in GTA Online sessions containing at least 3 players not doing Freemode missions.

Each battle has a time limit of 20-30 minutes.

Factory Raid

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TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK: Get some buddies to help out

  • Bring some friends along to help overwhelm any enemies on your way to grab the loot. You can only carry one crate at a time, so enlist your Organization or MC members to bring home as many as possible.

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  • Have a quick escape from the Factory planned in advance. Once you have the package you may need to hack certain exits.
  • Some doors are timed and may only have a certain time window once hacked, so get organized.
  • Any player who hacks a security panel to unlock a door will receive an RP bonus, so you might want to co-ordinate as a team.

Aircraft Carrier Assault

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STEALTH: Use a boat to avoid being detected by the Aircraft Carrier

  • Get a boat to approach the Aircraft Carrier. It has anti-air defenses so approaching with a chopper won't end well. There are boats up and down the shore.
  • Try to make an agreement with other Organizations or MCs, this will let you work together to take out the guards before then heading to the loot and settling who gets them.
  • The loot is located on the runway of the Carrier.
  • Hack both laptops on the top floor to deactivate the anti-aircraft defense measures. This will award an RP bonus.
  • Once you have deactivated you can use the aircraft on the deck to make your escape with the loot. If you haven't deactivated it, you will be shot down.

Enjoy the business battles and don't forget to pack some sunscreen!

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