*UPDATED* GTA Online Summer Update 2022: The Criminal Enterprises, Leaks & What to Expect

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gta online summer update 2022

We've been waiting for months for news on the GTA Online Summer Update and it appears that our prayers have finally been answered. The unfortunate news is that most of what we know so far has come in the form of leaks rather than an official announcement, but that is due very soon!

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Regardless, the GTA Online Summer Update is now just weeks away, so here's everything you need to know.


*LATEST* Steam Version of GTA Online Fixed

According to TezFunz2 on Twitter, the Steam version of GTA Online was broken and didn't actually have the latest update files at all. This update has now been fixed according to the aptly named GTA Online News on Twitter

The Epic Games Store version apparently is working fine as of writing.

Every Vehicle Added to GTA Online.

A grand total of six new vehicles have been added to the game according to TezFunz2 on Twitter, with the new displays for your many, many garages coming to a grand total of $13,310,000.


A glimpse at some of the upcoming dripfeed vehicles has also been teased by the account ClassiqueGTA

GTA Online Update Now Available on Xbox, PlayStation & PC.

The Criminal Enterprises update for GTA Online is now available to download on Xbox consoles! The massive update comes in at 12.05GB. The update has also been confirmed as available on PC and Playstation with the update taking up around 5GB on PS4 and around 2GB on PC.

According to Rockstar news account TezFun2, players looking to get their hands on everything that this brand new expansion has to to offer will need approximately $31 million, with $30 million going to the new vehicles including those introduced between this update and the next one and 900k going to the new weapons added.

The Criminal Enterprises

Rockstar Games has announced the newest details about its latest update titled The Criminal Enterprises. This will be a huge update as the official trailer revealed some brand new content for the game.


From the looks of it, there will be some brand new vehicles, new oil-related heists and of course... a brand new mech suit. Despite the outrageous content added, the events pull from real life with rising oil prices affecting the world.

The official Twitter page of Rockstar announced this in a Twitter post stating that the update will release on July 26 at 2 AM PT / 5AM ET / 10AM BST.

GTA Online Summer Update Release Date

The GTA Online Summer Update is due to release on Tuesday, 26 July. We know this due to a short break in the Weekly Updates that was revealed by @TezFunz2.

The only time that there is typically a break in the Weekly Update cycle is when a new expansion is due.


What to Expect in the Summer Update

It's hard to know exactly what will arrive in the GTA Online Summer Update but one of the biggest leaks involved GTA 5's Michael De Santa and the addition of new jobs.

gta 5 michael de santa key art

It's widely believed that he will have a part to play but we're unsure whether it will be on the same scale that Franklin did in The Contract. Either way, it's an exciting prospect for any GTA Online fan.

It's worth noting, however, that the Summer Update may focus more on game content and a separate expansion release may bring Michael into the game.

GTA Online Leaks

The current state of leaks for the Summer Update only suggests some minor details with very few specifics. There will be new vehicles, weapons, skydiving activities and possibly even a brand new type of activity.


The main leak also points out the unoriginality of Rockstar's codename for the update which is just 'DLC 1 2022'.

We could see a blog post or trailer announcement very soon. It's expected that this would reveal the extent of the update and confirm just how many of the leaks are accurate.