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GTA Online: Stone Hatchet Challenge Guide - walkthrough, rewards, rampage ability, 25 kill challenge & more

For those who keep up to date with the latest developments of GTA Online, you will already be aware of a rip-roaring homage to Red Dead Redemption 2 called the Stone Hatchet Challenge.

It consists of a series of thrilling bounty missions where the player is allowed to bring in criminals or kill them for rewards.

Your reward for this valiant effort includes the brutal Stone Hatchet weapon, which grants a special ability to the player that is similar to Trevor's rampage.

Keep reading for a full guide on all the Stone Hatchet Challenges.

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How to get the Stone Hatchet

First things first, if you are after getting your hands on the Stone Hatchet you will need to complete five bounty missions, the completion of which will reward you with the Stone Hatchet.

stone hatchet 2
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CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: There are five bounty missions to complete to earn the Stone Hatchet

To access these bounty missions you can find them on your phone sent to you by Maude. If you see a message from Maude simply open it up to trigger the side-quest.

How to find the bounties

Once you've opened up the mission, Maude will contact you through e-mail with a mugshot of the target, which will be randomly generated from 20 NPC's.

GTA V Online Stone Hatchet Bounty mugshot
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IN YOUR CROSSHAIRS: This could be the target you're looking for.

Now you have the mugshot, a GPS marker with a last known location of the suspect will be marked on your map.

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You must then scour the area for the suspect - but don't worry, as soon as you get close to the suspect a bell sound will ring similar to the Treasure Hunt mission.


How to capture your bounty targets

As you can imagine, bringing in your target alive offers a much greater bounty than dead, so you are going to want to aim for that if you are wanting to bring in the big bucks.

It's $5,000 for a dead bounty and $10,000 for a live bounty, and the choice is entirely up to you.

If you are not bothered about gaining the extra cash, you can quickly whip out your gun and shoot the suspect.

GTA V Online Stone Hatchet Bounty complete
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DEAD OR ALIVE: Your targets can be brought in still kicking or after they've kicked the bucket


Maude will simply send you the money after the deed is done and the whole process is a lot faster, leading you to getting the Stone Hatchet a lot quicker.

If the extra money is what you are after however, things are a little trickier and riskier.

You are going to need your target to surrender to you and the easiest way to do this is to hit them and kick them onto the floor until they give up and surrender.

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Be careful to not alert any cops which maybe around and whatever you do, do not use any weapons or melee attacks which risk killing the suspect.

In the event the suspect tries to escape you can simply shoot them in the foot or ankle to slow them down and repeat the process again.

Where the Stone Hatchet is located

Once you have killed your final bounty, Maude will send you a message saying that the last target had a stash hidden away somewhere and it's yours if you want it.

GTA V Online Stone Hatchet
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WILD WEST: The Stone Hatchet brings a taste of the Old West to LS.


Finding it is very simple, a square representation of a lockbox will appear on your map for you to locate with ease.

Once you open the box you will find the elusive Stone Hatchet, but beware as it often triggers gang attacks when opened.

How to complete the Stone Hatchet 25 kill challenge

Once you have the Stone Hatchet in your possession a new challenge awaits you in the form of getting 25 kills with the Hatchet.

The reward for winning this is a whopping $250,000 and the ability to access the hatchet in Red Dead Redemption 2 online.

GTA V Online Upgraded Stone Hatchet
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FEATHER IN YOUR CAP: The hatchet will also become available in RDR 2 upon completion of the challenge.


This feat is not without it's challenges however, as it can be very tricky to take down a large number of people wielding guns with a melee weapon.

Although the huge prize money definitely makes the challenge worth it, so choose your targets wisely and use stealth to gain an advantage.

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If you're still confused, check out GTA Series Videos' Youtube tutorial below:

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