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Shark Cards will never be the same again in GTA Online

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GTA Online Cash

GTA Online has just seen the Heists event come to an end, so we expect all you criminal entrepreneurs out there aren't struggling for cash. Rockstar are now announcing some changes that will make cash much more abundant in the game.

Shark Cards are your bread and butter if you need a little extra cash, and with these changes, they're set to get a huge boost. Here's everything you need to know about the changes and when they will take effect.

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GTA Online Shark Cards Changes

Fortunately for GTA fans, almost all Shark Cards are getting a boost to their value. As a trade-off though, Red Shark Cards will no longer be available for purchase. Here are all the value changes to the cards:

Standard Shark Card Values

Card Type Previous Value New Value
Tiger GTA$ 200,000 GTA$ 250,000
Bull GTA$ 500,000GTA$ 600,000
Great White GTA$ 1,250,000GTA$ 1,500,000
Whale GTA$ 3,500,000GTA$ 4,250,000
Megalodon GTA$ 8,000,000GTA$ 10,000,000

GTA+ Shark Card Values

Card Type Previous Value New Value
Tiger GTA$ 230,000GTA$ 287,500
Bull GTA$ 575,000GTA$ 690,000
Great White GTA$ 1,437,000GTA$ 1,725,000
Whale GTA$ 4,025,000GTA$ 4,887,500
Megalodon GTA$ 9,200,000GTA$ 11,500,000

The headline is, that although you'll no longer be able to buy Red Shark Cards for a quick boost, any other card you purchase in GTA Online will be much better value for money.

Any Red Shark Cards you currently have will still be redeemable even after the update. They will continue to have the same value, at $100k or $115k for GTA+.

When will the Shark Card Changes take effect?

All these changes will come into effect for GTA Online on December 9th, 2022, Rockstar has announced. Fortunately though, any cards you purchase between then and now will also have their value increased, and the difference will be added to your bank account by the time the update drops.

GTA Online
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While some of the changes are small, on the upper ends the difference is upwards of $2 Million, which will make a huge difference to veteran players. The changes should give a much-needed boost to the online economy.

If you see any incorrect values in the Shark Cards, be sure to restart GTA Online, and you should see the changes take effect.

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