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GTA Online now sets the bar for racing games

When you think of motor racing games a few names spring to mind. F1, Gran Turismo, Assetto Corsa, and... GTA?

That's right. Grand Theft Auto V is now the best racing game around.

It might be hard to believe, but it's absolutely true. Why? Keep reading to find out!

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After the latest update added Open Wheel Racing to the game it is safe to say that Rockstar's flagship title is the king when it comes to racing fun.


Wildly entertaining

gta online cunning stunts racing open wheel
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FLY HIGH: Stunt races take you up into the air


GTA Online has featured racing for a while now. The Cunning Stunts tracks, along with the community-built monstrosities in the sky, are like nothing else you will race on.

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With loops, corkscrews, massive jumps, and even transforming into planes and bikes, you can't beat the variety that GTA Online has.

Sure, it's not exactly a technical challenge. The driving physics is far more Mario Kart than Project Cars, but it puts entertainment value at the fore, especially in massive multiplayer lobbies where chaos is never far away.

Open Wheel Racing

gta online open wheel f1 2020
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LOOK FAMILIAR: GTA's PR4 looks very similar to Ayrton Senna's McLaren


The addition of Open Wheel Racing to GTA Online has just upped the stakes.

The choice of tyre compounds, the ability to pit to restore grip & fix damage, the quick but difficult street circuits, and the continued chaos, gives it a feeling totally different to your usual GTA race.

And of course, different to F1 2019.

Arcade vs sim

f1 2019 australian gp setup suspension
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WHAT THE... : You have to learn quick with a lot of games, but not GTA


GTA sits at the extreme end of the arcade racer, but it throws just enough sim aspects (slipstreaming, traction on corner exit) into Open Wheel Racing to make it more of a challenge than a Cunning Stunt.

It is not as challenging though, as F1 2019, GT Sport, or basically any other mainstream racing game on console.

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Some of them feel like you need a wheel/pedal setup and a degree in motorsport engineering to understand and enjoy the game. GTA doesn't. It sits you behind the wheel as says "go get 'em".

When it comes to pure fun and entertainment in racing, GTA Online is at the head of the pack.