*UPDATED* GTA Online Online Weekly Update 28 January REVEAL: Discounts, Payouts, Release Time, Expected Content & more

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Another week, another GTA Online weekly update.

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Over a month has passed since the Cayo Perico Heists, and it remains to see what Rockstar do next with GTA 6 still a long way off.

28 January Patch Notes

It looks as if the latest weekly update has been released!

KEEP IT CLASSIC - The Grotti Cheetah Classic is this week's Podium Vehicle
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KEEP IT CLASSIC - The Grotti Cheetah Classic is this week's Podium Vehicle

Reddit u/Losjugos looks to have found a couple of early notes of the update:

New Content



Podium Vehicle

Grotti Cheetah Classic

Bonus GTA$ and RP Activities

3x GTA$ and RP on MOC Missions

2x GTA$ and RP on Diamond Adversary Series

Discounted Content


40% off Jobuilt Phantom Custom (GTA$ 735,000)

40% off Jobuilt Hauler Custom (GTA$ 840,000)

50% off Western Company Cargobob (GTA$ 1,100,000 / 895,000)

40% off Western Company Cargobob jetsam (GTA$ 1,197,000)

30% off Ocelot Ardent (GTA$ 805,000)

30% off Nagasaki Stryder (GTA$ 469,000 / 351,750)

25% off RUNE Kosatka (GTA$ 1,650,000)


40% off Pegasus Mobile Operations Centre (GTA$ 735,000)

Time Trial

Calafia Way

RC Bandito Time Trial

Little Seoul Park

Premium Race

Crossing Paths


Release Date

The next GTA Online weekly update will arrive on Thursday, 28 January between 4-5am ET / 9-10am GMT.

Expected Content

Ahead of the update's release, we can figure out what to expect from the next content update.

We can expect to see new,

  • Podium Vehicles
  • Discounts on items and cosmetics
  • Bonus payouts on select game modes
  • New Time Trials to take part in
  • Twitch Prime membership bonuses
  • And new cosmetics for our characters.

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Until the update is released we won't know exactly what items we will be getting, so we will update as soon as the update goes live on January 28th.

Last Week's Patch Notes

Since the update isn't happening until Thursday, that means players still have a chance at grabbing all of the content from last weeks update before they disappear.

Players have until Wednesday to get everything and take part in all of the modes and time trials, so you've still got some time.

New Content:

  • Vapid Slamtruck, $1,310,000
  • Podium Vehicle: Peyote Custom

Double GTA$ and RP Activities:

  • Bunker Sales
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BANK ON THE BUNKER - Bunker sales will bring rewards this week

Discounted Content:

  • GB200, $564,000
  • Caracara 4X4, $525,000
  • Winky, $618,750
  • Caracara, $1,065,000
  • APC, $1,395,000/$1,855,350
  • Bunkers, 40% Discount
  • Bunker Renovations, 40% Discount

Time Trial:

  • LSIA

Twitch Prime Bonuses:

  • Free Kosatka Sonar Station
  • GTA$200K
  • Osiris, $390,000
  • PR4, $1,054,500

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