GTA Online Beginner's Guide: Make money fast, heists, cunning stunts, new starter help, Los Santos guide & more

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With GTA 5 now FREE for PC players, there are a lot of new gamers diving into the world of GTA Online.

It can be intimidating to join a huge online community that has been racking up experience and weaponry for years, but we've got you covered.

If you're getting GTA 5 for the first time thanks to Epic Games' offer, or just need a helping hand getting the most out of your GTA Online experience we've got you covered.


Table of Contents

Environment & Character

If you have played single-player mode, the first thing you will notice is how active your environment and the HUD is.

You're now live with thousands of other players, and the minimap will be filled with icons with people flying around in vehicles you won't recognise.

Always be on guard.

GTA online character create
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INCONSEQUENTIAL: The choices here don't affect gameplay too much

Just like the main game mode, a lot of the buildings and stores have products to shop from. Go to a clothing store and you will find that there will be loads of new outfits to choose from, with something for every kind of style.

It doesn't stop at clothes, you can buy tattoos, cars, and guns to support you in your everyday life in Los Santos.

The general premise of GTA Online is to make money that you can spend on living an amazing online life with the best houses, guns, cars, and yachts.

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When you kick off the game you get to choose some characteristics that do alter some of your stats but have a small impact on actual gameplay.

Whether its health, ammo, guns, clothes, cars, or boats - it all takes money. So how do you make money?


Freemode Events

Freemode was the first premise of GTA Online and puts everyone into the same RPG world. Whilst you are exploring this world, activities will randomly spawn and allow you to join in.

They can be anything from challenges to destroy as much as possible, to racing or simply collecting items. They don't make you rich, but they do pass the time and make for an interactive world.

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Some of the most fun and rewarding missions involve robbing banks, casinos, and jewellers. Look out for the latest Diamond Heists for some decent returns.

Executives and Other Criminals

This was one of the biggest updates to GTA Online and created the online world as we know it today. Through this update, Rockstar introduced more weapons and vehicles, but also a tiering system called CEO/Associates.

This sets up an online world where you can manage your own business, buy offices, and build warehouses.

ceo offices gta online
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SCARY: It's basically like real life

This was the biggest draw of the update. It created an environment where players can do missions for each other in a customisable way that has never been done before.

This also creates in-game structures and organisations. And therefore wars - we did say always be on guard.

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If an enemy is making money from a business like yours, you can put them out of business - illegally usually - and protect your in-game assets.

Cunning Stunts and Import/Export

Cunning Stunts was the first update that really pushed vehicles and specifically cars to the next level.

By tapping into one of the things that the players love to buy, Rockstar turned cars into one of the biggest ways to make cash in the game.

gta online yacht 1
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BALLER: Use your GTA Online wedge to buy yourself a Yacht

Import/Export was the final piece in this and the DLC placed the emphasis on stealing cars for money - just like the title of the game hints towards.

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You need to steal cars and return them with as little damage as possible. But if you have driven around on GTA you will know that's not as simple as it sounds.

Especially when you have thousands of other players whizzing around - as well as the person you might have just robbed.

Anything else?

If it all gets a bit much, open the Interaction Menu (M on PC, or a long press of the PS4 touchpad or XBO view button) and scroll to the bottom - you can Enable Passive Mode.


This will stop any other players from interacting with you and give you a break. Although in turn, you won't be able to equip any weapons or use melee attacks.

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If there is one person that is being particularly bad in the free mode world, you can also pause then go to the Online, Players menu, highlight the player in question, then select Kick to suggest removing them from the session

If enough other players agree and do the same, they'll be removed.

Keep an eye out for the GTA Online here at RealSport.

Good luck with making that money!

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